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  1. Isn't shooting gallery better? with the armor increase are you able to resist level 300+ enemies?
  2. Can anyone share me their saryn build for long survival runs on sp?
  3. I want to know which one is better for Venka Prime
  4. I know they are different type of weapons, but overall whats stronger. i want to buy one of them.
  5. I made 2 builds for solo playing SP and ESO, one has more strength while the other has more range, which one is better overall? and what should i improve?(and yeah im farming the endo for the mod upgrades) https://i.imgur.com/mEarCmQ.png https://i.imgur.com/eJyzIZw.png
  6. what about the ignis wraith is it good compared to the bramma?
  7. Im MR12 and im using kuva bramma, idk if there is a good primary that i can get.
  8. Cleaving Whirlwind is basically useless for zaws with exodia hunt, you dont need a 360 degree combo with no damage when you can get all the enemies grouped up by exodia hunt.
  9. I have been testing the stances but i dont know which one is the best when used with exodia hunt, Cleaving Whirlwind seems to be the worst option because it doesnt have that many slams on useful combos, Tempo Royale has good dps and some slams but Rending Crane can activate Exodia Hunt all the time, but after some testing it seems like the dps is kinda bad with it, im i using it wrong?
  10. Like the title says my steam deleted the appmanifest, can somebody help me? my internet is horrible for re downloading it
  11. Thanks for the answer i found Sovereign Outcast a 100 times better it matches my playstyle completely.
  12. I just got Telos Boltace and i would like to know which of the two stances are better.
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