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  1. I'm actually impressed I left for over a week and come back to see him still being at it. Personally, I think it's a shame that kind of person roams around, since his kind of talk just gives DE an excuse to say "but there are people who like it" and not change something. Hopefully they don't listen to him and the "I can't believe you refuse to carry a meta radiation crit weapon through almost every single mission, you should start playing the game exactly like I want or you suck" talk just wooshes above their head, like it did above mine.
  2. Believe it or not, not everyone in this game dislikes making use of its features, such as the three weapon slots that allow the player to, surprise surprise, carry three different weapons. I often combo my Soma Prime with my Nikana Prime, which has Condition Overload, so I can stack slash and heat on heavy units and then finish them off with a melee weapon that already has a considerable boost, instead of needing to hit the enemy first to stack procs. Did I also mention adding toxic lash on top of it to add toxin to the middle of things? Yeah, it's called playing the game. By this time you're probably saying "I don't care because I'm always right" or some entitled thing, so I'll add that my Soma does not have punch through or reload speed to accomodate the build I made for it. That means I have to carry a weapon for lines of enemies, or simply combating running out of ammo on the Soma. Again, the game gives the player three slots, and I like using them. I don't carry a sniper rifle with a single-shot secondary, or a pocket shotgun with a primary shotgun. I balance my loadouts in a way that I won't get caught with my pants down in the middle of things as much as humanly possible. I prepare for my mission, not for the RNG of a bulletsponge enemy and his three invincible allies. "Oh, but you should stop making intelligent loadouts because I said so." No, thanks. "Oh, but if you don't want to cripple your loadout's variety to fight an enemy that will spawn by pure chance, then you're at fault." Yeah, sorry for wanting to play the game, I'll keep making that mistake as much as I want, since you have no clue what you're talking about and are just insisting on nonsensical apologism of a part of the game that needed to be nerfed. DE created a problem by introducing the Wolf as a bulletsponge, and those who create the problem should be the ones fixing it. Remember, players don't develop a game, the developers do. I know it's hard to process this amount of information while firmly believing any inch of what you're saying is remotely right, but I politely ask you to try. Wrong. The allies used nearly heat-seeking fire DoT with a massive impact damage. I also tried pushing them away from Wolf before your megamind decided to suggest such a wonderful thing, and it does not work. His allies ignored me in favor of rejoining him, so I had to keep Void dashing them into a corner every second and a half. Now think about what you're saying a little bit. Yeah, they can be CCed, but this game's meta killed CC and DPS is what people use. Why is that worth mentioning? Because people run what's effective for the mission, not what's going to help against an enemy that might or might not spawn. You know what's also worth mentioning? The sad state the game finds itself in when, only by introducing literally unkillable enemies, can CC go back to being somewhat relevant. Anyway, you're wrong and delusional. Have a nice day. *: Actually... Wolf locked my syndicate interception mission with his appearance. Have any other suggestion that doesn't work?
  3. I mean, yeah, I could just cripple one of my slots to prepare for the inevitable case of RNG #*!%ing me, but is that even remotely close to good design? Players could beat the Wolf without grabbing some Wolf-killer weapon, but that just made the fight less boring. It was a case of "do you want to spend 15 minutes shooting or 5?", and that's just obnoxious for no real reason. Why should I "take something that would work" when the point of doing missions is to do the mission, not to farm an assassin spawn that never really got unmarked from the player? DE added assassin beacons for a reason, y'know? Either way, you seem to be under the assumption that people are claiming it's some kind of impossible problem to take down Wolf without extreme preparation, but the preparation just shortens an already easy process (with the exception of the molotov ragheads, which were added because Wolf by himself was just too #*!%ing easy to fight, just lenghty, and any idiot knows that length is not difficulty). While not being prepared should have its consequences, players should prepare for something they are going to do, not RNG. Preparing for RNG is bullS#&$ design, while preparing for a tough boss fight that you are willingly going to do is a natural process. I theoretically "take nothing that would work", because my objective is doing the mission I am playing the game to do, not lose 15 minutes of my life fighting a random bulletsponge with EHP on the group of the millions. At least the other assassins are not annoying to kill, and might even present a threat to people who get too cocky, like people who insist on not dodging Shadow Stalker's telegraphed attacks with Ember. A wise man once said: just because you don't have a problem, it doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist. "I don't have a problem" or "other people don't have a problem" is a half-assed way to dismiss something that could otherwise be a genuine subject of discussion. To summarize: Wolf is not challenging, his "difficulty" comes from his invicible allies with skyrocketed damage, preparing for RNG is the stupidest thing people can support and his nerfs were deserved. I'll also refer to the last paragraph of my previous comment.
  4. Part of that just treads into obvious territory. Of course the enemy is going to die easily with minmaxed equipment,;that's why people minmax their stuff in the first place. I can haaaaaaardly agree with the danger part, though. He wasn't dangerous, just annoying to fight with his bulletsponge defenses and plot armor terrorists. It could easily be cheesed with Wukong or other immortal frame with a half-decent build. Hell, as long as you have Rage, Wukong can probably do it with the first rank of Defy. It's also worth mentioning that forcing the player to separate one of their three weapon slots for a very specific weapon meant to kill an enemy that is beyond any level in the mission itself, who might or might not show up, is just punishing the player for existing. What if I like alternating between Lenz and a sidearm? What if I like using Vigorous Swap with two similar weapons to use and abuse the extra damage? Restricting part of a player's loadout because RNG might decide to #*!% something up is not the way to make an enemy dangerous. I can see people screaming "Russian roulette" when I say random numbers aren't dangerous, but that'd be more an exception, than an expectation, and at the end, that's what Wolf was: Russian roulette. Except that you had the option to strap bulletproof glass on your head before each shot, which you'd be paying for. While I understand and would like to see something like that happen, the issue is that it's too easy to get a weapon that can lock an enemy and just keep mashing the melee button. Make the weapon hit fast enough, and a chance becomes a guarantee. Sure, it would reward players for doing their builds right, but that just brings another problem, which so happened to spark the bulletsponge issue of Wolf in the first place: the game is too dumbed down and easy. Even in Wolf's "dangerous" state, I once again will say that you could just grab an immortal frame and literally have no issue aside from the time you'd be wasting pushing his health bar down. Wukong, press 2, drop a pebble on your E with an AHK script and go make some chocolate milk. It's gonna be 1/4 done by the time you get back. Unfortunately, Warframe's current state only supports bulletsponge enemies and forced invincibility periods to bring "challenge", and I say that word as lightly as a Kilogram of cotton. Instead of the game being about a powerful war machine fighting powerful armies, it's about a powerful war machine fighting dumb hitscanners with overpowered EHP and damage that fluctuates between tickling and "WHAT THE #*!%, DID HE JUST ONE-HIT MY 9999999999 EHP" reactions, depending on where you are in the game. Until the game is properly balanced, the Wolf syndrome will repeat itself over and over, and I will say that as many times as I should, until DE actually goes through with some serious and much needed overhauls.
  5. It also happens on Phorid. I'm assuming it's standard for joining in boss cutscenes, which doesn't really make it less frustrating.
  6. So I had the pleasure of finding out that Vigorous Swap works with the extremely fast swapping between melee and ranged, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't made for something that fast, as it's delayed and sometimes doesn't even work, as opposed to swapping ranged weapons, which grants the buff as soon as the weapon is swapped. My very nice suggestion would be to make it so that Vigorous Swap reliably works with melee-ranged swap, pretty much the same way that it already works with ranged swap: swapping weapons triggers the buff and it can be reset on a weapon swap, instead of the buff running out while there are constant weapon switches. There's a ton of potential for close range combat synergy there.
  7. He'd fit the old design of "they're normal enemies, but with more health", but considering the Exploiter fight, I'd say he's not a good boss in his state. He has potential and certainly deserves to be one, instead of randomly invading people with a completely bulletspongy physique that makes Tiberon Prime look like a Nerf gun. His plot armor ragheads are the start of an idea that could derive into having an environmental interaction to temporarily keep them out of the fight, or just straight up CC (although it'd show the sorry state of the game if enemies needed to be completely immortal for CC to finally become relevant again), while Wolf does... something that isn't what he currently does. I'm not opposed to chipping away parts of his armour in stages, which is actually something I wished for the actual game, somewhat similar to Binary Domain. Anything that mitigates the one-minute "brainstorm" I assume that took place when they were designing him.
  8. The first 4 items on the left list kinda scare the S#&$ out of me, but the last one is something I feel like it desperately needs a return. On the topic itself, I stand by the suggestion of having different animations for different sprint speeds, as the current "it's the same but faster" aged quite a bit.
  9. This, along with being able to see crafted and owned parts when selecting a reward. All those times I got a repeated part because I didn't remember I had it crafted are just annoying.
  10. I'd appreciate bots. The only time I played conclave, me and the other guy kept spamming jumps while missing all shots on each other, then I killed him once, he left and I won. To say it was depressing would be an understatement.
  11. Basalto

    Exilus Weapon Slot

    Depends on what you consider "tackling". Some people think taking 10 seconds to kill a Corpus tech is okay because he's supposed to be a heavy unit, other people might think that even 5 seconds is already too much.
  12. Then what's the issue with one more? Can I go "we already have enemies in the game, we don't need more" or "we already have tilesets in the game, we don't need more"? Sure, more can be detrimental in the right conditions, but we're talking about something that makes sense realistically and works in favour of everyone, not being overpowered at the start and just enough to help people when they need it, and clearly not being a gamechanger at later on, when enemies might just hit over 1000 damage on you per hit with an automatic weapon. There's a lot that can be said in favour of a minor passive health regen, and so far I haven't seen nothing worthwhile against it, since "it's bad because I said so" or "if I got #*!%ed, so should you" are not exactly arguments that scream "constructing".
  13. Which isn't a bad idea at all.
  14. Rejuvenation is one of those mods that just became worse than physique to me, specially due to the same polarity and the access to things like healing return, life strike, abilities that force health orbs and with how important it is to have more health, because shields take full damage and the most threatening faction uses impact weapons. 90% more health compared to 3 health per second looks like an absolute no-brainer to me at this point, and I always pick physique over rejuvenation due to how much extra damage I can take and how healing it back usually is easier than waiting for a passive to kick in and slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwly replenish your health. Comparing the power of other auras like corrosive projection and steel charge, rejuvenation is underwhelming and often boils down to "I can't use it due to polarities, maybe someone who joins my mission brings it", which just gets obnoxious. Then we have the issue with warframes being these hulking masses of self-aware flesh that can't even regenerate a small bit by themselves. What sort of organic tissue does not regenerate itself? Can someone point out literally any animal that is cut and just bleeds to death because they can't close the wound at all? I can't think of any, really; all organic tissue I know heals itself, even if slowly. So from both a "muh realism tho" and "yeah, why not" point of view, I just don't see why not, besides people who want to be against it for the sake of being against it, which seems to be more meta than Arca Plasmor.
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