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  1. Can't say I'm a fan of the night-to-day playstyle that these descriptions seem to offer, as I'd favor more something that goes back and forth. I was thinking of retaining the day aspect of damage and speed, and the night aspect of defense and sleeping. Her abilities are not particularly engaging, but I think it'd help for them to carry on across the forms, as well as making the forms the new Equinox passive, with Metamorphosis being a zero-cost energy that simply changes forms, as well as introducing the hybrid form with it. Basically: Change the passive to be the effects of Metamorphosis on the respective form, maybe removing the power strength effect and tweaking it accordingly (or not, who cares). Metamorphosis now simply changes Equinox's forms to day and night with tapping, or hybrid with toggle. Hybrid has all of the stats from day and night, but at reduced values, making it the "balance" between them. Retain the effects and stacks of P&P and M&M when changing forms, making the abilities for hybrid form also follow the passive, giving it a bit of both at reduced levels. I don't really know about how I'd want the rest to be, since to me the last two abilties are (mostly) fine.
  2. DE can't do much about her without pissing the "I don't like playing a game" crowd off, and I sure hope these people get hardcore tilted by the end of the year. I'm a bit lazy to expand on it now, but the current Saryn and the nuke mentality is a consequence of the game design more than people themselves loving the nuke playstyle. ESO is a place that forces you to spam Saryn to the point where the game won't actually give you enough enemies to kill and you'll fail. Blame not the drugs, maybe those who sell them, but absolutely blame the ones who buy it; there's no selling when there's no buying.
  3. I'm not making any demands here, nor am I saying that more than one input per button is cheating. Sorry for hitting your nerve, I guess, but you're just twisting what I'm saying, which is that using a slide attack macro gives a player an obvious advantage over someone else on an already extremely powerful attack, as well as, by game design, being more effective than even certain very meta weapons, like the Tiberon Prime; all of it with a third-party influence. It's a mix of the power of the slide attack and how easily it can be done. Remember the beyblade stance for heavy melees? Yeah, that one's spinning has a limit, for some weird funky reason. I so wonder what DE was thinking when they made that stance not enable to user to endlessly spin around, possibly something to do with not wanting to do what the slide attack does now. It's unbalanced and spamming it has the same effect as cheating in a game: it's fun for five minutes when you're in god mode, and after those five minutes, you just notice how bland it is to map crouch and melee to one button and press it to delete a group of enemies. Y'know, games are supposed to have interactivity; pressing one button to play is what Cookie Clicker does.
  4. Solution: make the game entertaining instead of braindead. The grind on an entertaining game is immensely less noticeable than the one on a game where the gameplay is often dumbed down and encourages people to use macros to combat the boredom of the gameplay. You also did miss the point about the effort, as you yourself made no effort to mention the "zero effort" part, just that being outperformed is a thing, which isn't nearly as much of a revelation as it sounded there. Saryn at least requires some degree of shooting on the spores, and Equinox builds the nuke by killing enemies. Slide attack macros are simply holding W, which the player will already be doing for the majority of the game, and spamming the macro key. It's the most annoying of the bunch partially due to the cheating nature and partially due to how it's abusing the game's incoherent design. I wouldn't find it particularly hard to understand that the saying should be "Warframe is fun" and not "Warframe is grind"; it's a given for pretty much any game that wants to call itself a game, and the major reason games are still a thing. We don't classify games as jobs or chores, but hobbies and entertainment, yet with the game's current design, it's anything but. There's no proper scaling, TTK is absurdly binary, difficulty is achieved by increasing damage and EHP on a dumb AI, the RPG elements that actually matter are left unused and the modding system is a complete S#&$storm of "if you don't go full damage, you're a moron". Lastly, the idea of "don't like it, stop playing" is and will always be one of the most painfully ignorant statements people can make in regards to criticism. By all means, use "but I find it fun" or some other personal disagreement thing, I don't care, but this idea of shooing people away because they don't like something is, in one word, awful. How would you feel if you had genuine criticism about something with the complete intention to see it become better, voiced it and some random person just went "go away"? Doesn't matter how nicely you word that kind of thing, it's still beyond rude and ignorant.
  5. What's the difference between using a slide attack macro and an aimbot, then? While aimbotting you still can play the game by moving the mouse, using movement keys, jumping and so on, it just handles the killing part for you, which coincidentally is exactly the function of a slide attack macro. You're also missing the point about being outperformed, since I specifically stated "outperforming people with zero effort". I can dedicate myself to making a fancy crit weapon build that requires aiming to get the intended results, just to have some random get Atterax or a Zaw, shove all meta mods in it and macro the slide attack until there's no tomorrow. Saryn spamming spores is annoying and the game's energy barely limits such things anymore, specially with Zenurik being a thing. Abilities start being these gameplay complements when the player starts the game, but gradually finds out that there are builds that make energy essentially anything but a worry. It's barely a shooter, since shooting is crippling yourself, and it's barely a coop game when people can have the combined power of 4 players and carry everyone. What's the fun in playing a game where the objective actually ends up being to play it the smallest amount possible? Obviously, there'll be a response like "your concept of fun is not the only one", but when I compare tapping 4 to clear a room with headshotting the crap out of everything in there while dodging shots, I can most certainly tell you which of the two is more engaging for a player that wants to play a game, and not Cookie Clicker.
  6. Clearing hallways faster than almost anything else in the game by spamming a macro is not having the macro play the game for you? How is blatantly outperforming people with zero effort considered playing the game?
  7. Given the obnoxious amount of people who spam slide attacks nearly constantly in long games, either a noticeable portion of the playerbase has a pinky and an index as thick as their thumb, or they're using macros and not getting into any trouble for it. When DE says you use such things "at your own risk", I'd say the risk they're talking about is that of people who like playing the game ending up leaving the lobby. Although given the amount of people that use the main movement of the game, aka crouch+jump, it's easy to just dismiss something as people really liking to crush their left hand the legit way.
  8. Maybe next time don't try to claim bullS#&$ and deflect it with a condescending attitude and nonsense.
  9. I guess they threw a dart at a board and it just so happened to land on the Artemis, then. I'm not going to say you're disagreeing for the sake of it, but you sure sound like it, specially given the amount of passive-aggressiveness that you like using to "protect" your "point". The part that gets me curious is that tree frogs and bows and arrows are older than a divine entity; how exactly does that happen and how did people measure that?
  10. I guess someone ate spoiled bread today. Still, it's part of her theme.
  11. Well, they sure did a pretty S#&$ job at that, considering that her fourth ability is called Artemis Bow.
  12. Aside from the helmet, I'd say it's a pretty solid skin... though I stress I did say "skin", not "Ivara skin". That is 100% not Ivara to me.
  13. And it's not the "other people can go through it" issue. It actually keeps its orange lights and nobody can go through it. Nice move.
  14. You can ask them directly through support. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
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