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  1. PERMA BAN the cheaters! for those who want to easily farm the Arcanes just by having the Phasic Cells prices halved, SUCK IT UP. buying it if it bugs you that much.
  2. So when will Lavos’ 4th be affected with efficiency? When will the top guys in Leaderboard get taken down when they’re recognized for notoriously exploiting these operations?
  3. Good job in cracking down the cheaters! anyone past with the score of 40k is definitely cheating!
  4. Bruh, why do you want everything easy?
  5. CAN YOU GUYS DO A RESOURCE EVENT? it would be very helpful!
  6. Ngl but I enjoyed SS more than this, even though I haven't been on the mission but I can just tell it's the same thing but on Necramech
  7. Does Lavos always have a 30 second cooldown or am I doing something wrong? Efficiency won't fix it. I'm thinking that this frame is kind of buggy, I thought that by having maxed efficiency would decrease the cooldown but seems not.
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