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  1. I just wish that all sentinels can be revived after dying or something they’re useless after death and requires a death to function
  2. > Fixed Onslaught Matrix/Protective Shots Mods stacking when you repeatedly equip it in the Plexus it was fun while it lasted lmao
  3. There's nothing wrong with it. You gotta do things quick. It was fairly easy to solo plus you can leave it after 3 runs.
  4. Any updates to the new sentinel attempting to put out a fire or something and it just endlessly keep shooting and never fixes it?
  5. How can I tell how many stuff have I repaired?????? imagine reading, right?
  6. PERMA BAN the cheaters! for those who want to easily farm the Arcanes just by having the Phasic Cells prices halved, SUCK IT UP. buying it if it bugs you that much.
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