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  1. On 2021-03-20 at 9:26 AM, Raanel_Tarlan said:

    Is it only me,or orphix missions became to intense to solo them? It was fine at operation and i was having enough time to walk between them,but at missions they just spamming,there were moments where i just destroyed resonators,and new orphix arrived. I haven't checked it after hotfix,but i doubt it was fixed,as its wasn't mentioned in fix.

    And having to put forma everywhere is just brutal,warframes,weapons,companions,kuva weapons that require 5 forma to get full MR,archwings,arch guns,necramechs that also required at least 5 forma,and now we have to forma our railjacks,thats too much in my opinion.

    There's nothing wrong with it. You gotta do things quick. It was fairly easy to solo plus you can leave it after 3 runs.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, fo3nixz said:

    scarlet spear > this "event"

    scarlet spear was more rewarding, phasic cells is miniscule 

    sadly the arcanes and lavos can stay in this event for now , will farm when on the normal gamemodes 

    where warframe is in WARFRAME.

    for now just the ceti lacera i missed and few mech mods, and im done with this "event"


    not to sound negative i enjoy the missions with the mechs but the reward vs time is NOT balanced 

    Ngl but I enjoyed SS more than this, even though I haven't been on the mission but I can just tell it's the same thing but on Necramech

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