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  1. That's fcking hilarious Not at the mastry but somone kept the sheraid of never getting higher mastry
  2. So this maybe started when I did thing and if your wandering what it was basically it was a sort by button just let's you view topics of that topic like for example I can see all the topics posted on general discussion so with that I decided to see what would happen if you choose no topic and remove the tick mark from the ones I was viewing didn't think much of it and everything was different
  3. Its worrying because I see a MR 22 and he spent less time than me
  4. Ok fine there was bananas but DK got to them first and them to his collection
  5. Wrong place to ask a question go to players helping players there are bunch of people willing to help
  6. Design i would make it look like an orb not a thumper with a kuva colour scheme which the grineer drop it of because it doesn't work but the courpus doesn't know what to do with it so they put in a pond. Who is vox Solaris? alright this is the most biggest mystery when forcuna update dropped so I would have the 3rd profit taker mission do that because this practically the only new thing that will happen.
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