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  1. Sucks to be me because my ps4 is at repair and it will be done in the 24 only 10 days of true enjoyment until hell that is school
  2. Now yes the blueprint is out on nightwave,but there's an issue it's not a permanent drop,and it would better to end the season and immediately start,but the my opinion you can have yours it doesn't matter.
  3. Well its midnight where I live so happy birthday
  4. Now the looks aren't that detailed it's the arrows like particles it releases while being fired,I mean this is fine but why would you put detail in a wepon that no one uses unless if they have riven and it's such a waste time and dispointing ,like let's just say you created hell blade 2 trailer and when its launched it will look nothing like the trailer and your just sitting wondering why did they put so much detail?,and the only company I will give a pass is rock star because they put so much detail and it is frustrating they delayed rdr2 twice to add horse balls but it makes up for that with
  5. Oh I can't I have no good riven, no kuva,and my in game chat has been suspended
  6. Well yes they're not but hear me out,so apparently you can get bow and sniper rivens from a RIFLE RIVEN and do give me the bullpoop 'that primarys are rifles' by following that logic shotguns are not primary because they they're separate,now DE 3 options 1 remove all the riven types and replace with a universal primary riven or 2 interduse 2 new rivens 1 for bows and other for snipers Or 3 do nothing I expect resons why I'm a idoit
  7. Generous really how is destroying a system where you have to wait 1hrs to get a good number of se,and ok fine i'll admit I'm a fcking id8
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