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  1. There's a very important thing your missing my friend, the more prime mods u hav, the more your able to sell.
  2. Forma and or ghoul saw if u like melee or want it for memes, and definitely get sacrifice.
  3. Or or hear me out here, we kill 2 birds with one gun, by having baro come to the relay first then let the formorian destroy the relay, then we destroy formorian, and after all that we loot baro's corpse and get our catalyst win win Ps-why would low mr players care about baro?
  4. And also the sentients are not genocidal maniacs, cuz in lore they grew sentience and realized "wait were destroying a universe for some gold bath rope wearing asshats who got careless and ruined they're universe?, well fck that we're going for war *@##$, we're gonna teach em something called consequences, for tau!!" And thats how the orokin got bodied, so if you think about the orokin are the ones truly evil.
  5. Definitely canned in the new war teaser we saw her talking to her mom, but erra tells her mother is dead so canned probably. Or according to your theory, "erra" is just fcking with her. But not really because since erra said "mothers gone" erra's mom would been like *@##$ wtf did you just say?, unless balles made a clone of erra's mom, which would hav been incredibly hard to do and is very very risky thing to do.
  6. No if he was in the void, then he's confirmed dead
  7. Wait a min isn't erra mom still alive? so she would have noticed that her dead son has just came back to life?
  8. He uploaded his backed up his memory, before he got vaporized. Or he's just a simulacrum.
  9. So the basic idea is that when your applying forma and the choose thd focus you want, you'll get an option to which configs this change applies to, so you get more freedom to experiment.
  10. Wait didn't they allow you to remove it even if its not 7 days old?.
  11. Then people will constantly lose the speed buff.
  12. I have a better idea just remove slow walking,why would to go slow?.also im pretty sure they wont be making your feature a thing cuz people are used to double taping or pressing the analog stick to sprint.
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