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  1. Then people will constantly lose the speed buff.
  2. I have a better idea just remove slow walking,why would to go slow?.also im pretty sure they wont be making your feature a thing cuz people are used to double taping or pressing the analog stick to sprint.
  3. Lets be realistic would you want to see a kinda humanoid thing being made?
  4. And you know what?,just because its free doesn't mean you have trear like its good, its just meh, and i agree there is a entitlement, but still 5 pearls per 30min is not worth it.
  5. Cuz we're murders who don't care about the consequences of our action, because we can just destroy said consequences, so basically the system aka the universe is Japan and the tenno is Godzilla but no nuclear message.
  6. Honestly for me it doesn't matter if there were twitch drops or not, cuz I'll be playing horizon new dawn
  7. Finally a resource that I'm not gonna use until the courpus railjack update, which is gonna come out in 1-2 months...yay.
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