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  1. Did I miss a post where DE confirms the patch is out today? Last I read was this week. I would love to see it today, but until I see something official, I'm managing my expectations. Reminder that monday was a national holiday in Canada and if the patch wasnt ready Friday, I dont see why it would be 3 work hours alter.
  2. Thanks for having people in this weekend! I hope you get some good rest time soon!
  3. Ill continue hating my life trying to get high level claw drops from high level tigrexes in monster hunter generations ultimate in the meantime (please help me)
  4. Agreed with that. Doesnt seem to best a winning strategy to release that way. Week-end skeleton crew is not ideal. If they can release earlier, iron out on thursday and friday, they have more chance of enjoying a relaxing weekend of success.
  5. They youtube commercial they released today says this week.
  6. What ship? EDIT: Aaaah, see it. nice!
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