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  1. Updated the list! Warframe Master List Application to join. Added Fortuna and Cetus Characters If you do not see a Character in there, please let me know and I will add it!
  2. Here is another batch of Completed Pins! Harrow - https://twitter.com/Pammy_Jammy117 Nova Prime, Limbo Prime: https://twitter.com/thegrineertenno Ballas: https://twitter.com/orokinprince Garuda: https://twitter.com/Zarionis1 Oberon: https://twitter.com/Debbysheen_ Ivara: https://twitter.com/smrsltdrpkck
  3. Application deadline: February 28th 11pm CST [Extension granted if necessary] Official Project deadline: April 30th What you will receive for participating: All of the buttons, Art prints, stickers, Basically a Goodie bag/package with other treasures.
  4. You can do both, you get 4 max to draw
  5. Here is a finished product done by ThegrineerTenno @ Twitter
  6. Hello, I am Kinzok! I am putting together a non-profit Warframe artists project. The Warframe Button/Pin Project. The Objective of this project is to showcase fan-made works of artists from the Warframe community help these artists gain some notoriety (both in and outside of the player base) and contribute more to their individual artistic style ability. .In the past, I’ve created buttons and pins of my own design that I’ve been fortunate enough to deliver personally to Digital Extremes developers and staff as well as Warframe streamers on Twitch/Youtube at Tennocon … and it’s so reassuring to see the joy on someone’s face when you present them with a personalized button/pin featuring your individual brand of artistic flair. This is one of the main reasons I decided to arrange this project; I would love to see everyone out there have a chance to share their art with a development team that has contributed so much to so many people. Not to mention sharing all of this with other artists in the community of WF content creators! Wfbuttonproject @ Twitter What do you mean by this is being a non-profit project? .These buttons/pins will not be sold anywhere, and by entering into this project, you agree that prints and/or copies of these buttons/pins will not be resold or distributed through services like Etsy, Redbubble, eBay, etc. Only those who have participated in the project will receive the final product set along with DE devs/staffers,. The reprinting of merchandise without expressed permission from Digital Extremes also violates their terms of service. Therefore all contributors to this project will not receive monetary payment for their work, but rather a final product set of buttons/pins featuring the collected work of all the artists involved… including their own! Where do I apply for this? Here is the form: Application Here is the Warframe Master list: Master List go here and check out what’s taken versus what’s available to contribute. Updates daily Examples How is it being made? Once the final prints have been submitted, I’ll be transferring the prints to my personal button stamping machine for quality-made buttons/pins. All artists will be provided a template during the creation process so as to best fit the measurements needed without sacrificing color, resolution or cropping of their glorious work! After the buttons have been made, I will be sending the pins to the Digital Extremes offices in London, Canada … or, if the collective contributors wish me to do so, I will be happy to deliver them personally to the development team/staffers at Tennocon 2019. If we can, we might be able to arrange some video/pictures of them receiving their gifts … so we can all enjoy their reactions and responses. As I stated above, it’s a real treat to witness it! Will there be any other items produced? Yes. Once all the buttons are produced, I am aiming to create a small booklet to showcase the art-works from pins as well as an artist page featuring names and website links to similar works/portfolios. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! I will get back to you with an answer. -KINZOK
  7. Hello, I am putting together a non-profit warframe artists project, The Warframe Pin Project. Basically a Fanzine [google it]. The Objective of this project is to showcase the fan works of the artists and help artists make their mark in the community plus help them with their abilities. I do have experience in events like these and also putting together projects although it has been awhile. I've volunteered in small conventions before too and being sales associate. How is it non-profit? These pins will not be sold anywhere, only those who have participated will get the set along with DE, also it goes against their terms of service. How is it being made? I will be making these pins but the artists will provide the art, I do have a button maker and once everything is made, I will be sending the project to DE or personally give them it at tennocon. All I am wanting to know is; Do I have permission to make this fan-made project?
  8. @[DE]Helen Is digital artworks okay for the profile picture??
  9. Will there be more events or anything of sorts with Cetus and the Ostron?
  10. Doing the dojo pigments and I keep doing bounties, what Tier should I be doing? plus warframe to get more than 2
  11. OH GOSH i was the creator for "bad operator", my phone was going crazy and i had to look and found out that i got featured. Thank yooou LOL i laughed so hard with the homer Simpson joke and comment.
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