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  1. Now this is good. If only you would involve a link in the update history as well to make it easy. It would help a lot. Plus, when we look up the update history it's just the Update Name you gave it instead of what is fixed and/or added via link. Link would be nice for that so we can go "Oh look, an update for <insert update name> with link... Lets type the link in and see what is fixed/added." instead of "Oh an update for <insert update name>... guess I have to go to the forums and search about thirty minutes to find what they added/fixed... Links would be nice..."
  2. I just wish that the pigments were fixed. They had this in for a while and people are always complaining about the pigment farming because of the crazy requirements. Take Shard Black for example... 10% for it to drop and they expect you to get 250 for the pigments but yet Conductor Gold requires 5 and has the same drop chance as well...
  3. See I've been doing this pigment for so long. I hate it. That's why I have it as an Ultimate Priority in my Dojo because #*!% the spawning of this #*!%ers. They hardly spawn below 31, forcing you to farm on Bounty 4, 5 or Steel Path. And what's worse is that people say that it has a 20% to drop the pigments... I find that hard to believe because I've killed like over 300 and I only have gotten like not even 10 pigments. It shouldn't be that #*!%ing hard to get a pigment from them. the rarer the enemy, the higher the drop chance should be. Stalker hardly spawns because of a forumla that goes by this Stalker Spawn = .5% + (.5 * players marked by Death by Stalker). So why should Stalker get 100% drop for Leaf Red when enemies that are rare as #*!% have a 10 to 20%. I know the Stalker is a Boss so it should automatically be 100%. Okay fine, let it be a 100% but enemies that are so #*!%ing rare that they have to meet certain requirements shouldn't have less than 50% drop rate for pigments. The pilots took me over a week to get the full amount needed with Nekros, Resource Booster, Resource Drop Chance. And Vomvalysts... Oh god don't get me started for that 10% drop... it took me 3 MONTHS to get 10 pigments. DE, why force us to waste time like this for 1k exp? if it's going to be this hard, MAKE IT 10k or 25k instead of a messly 1k for the dojo. Or Better yet, CHANGE THE DROP CHANCE! 10% to 20% for enemies that are rare shouldn't be a thing. More like 40% to 50%. Common enemies, yeah, make them 10% to 20% instead.
  4. @jackdarsan I would go with that... Sorry couldn't quote you due to problems internet wouldn't allow me to quote. You answered your question with your own question. Now if the animals were free roaming instead of spawning during tracking then it would be easier to get this floofs and thus would defeat the purpose of grab bag.
  5. For once, this grab bag is useful for people that don't like doing tracking animals because it's the only way for the animals to spawn on Orb Vallis.
  6. Adding another bug 1) When tasked to shot the weakpoints with the Forward Artillery, the game will some times won't reconginze the forward artillery and use one of the the guns you have equipped on the railjack. A full squad of us were trying to find someway to get it fixed, luckily we got it fixed -- don't ask me how. Hell I even went to the Forge to make sure we had Dome Charges while the whole process was going on and we had full amount. I'll be testing this bug again.
  7. Swiping is good for people. BUT THERE ARE PEOPLE HATE THAT THE TOUCHPAD controls. Sure it takes 0 seconds but there are times that BUGframe will not reconginse it. I've seen people on stream trying to use the Touchpad for abilites and it wouldn't register in the game. They even went to the controls to verify it. So swiping only works for a few. And it's SO easy to go in controls, press the Default button and have it for all. It takes like 10 seconds to fix that and it's easy for those that don't like the touchpad controls. Next time you call me lazy, READ because I clearly stated HATE and HATES. Not, "I would do it but I don't want to." There is a clear difference between hate and lazy.
  8. Swiping down is one thing but when you can't access the R1+Square then you need to have the controls on default even if they are on default. There are someone people that hate swiping. I'm one that hates it because of the game Thief from 2014...
  9. Or have the default controls for the Railjack because it seems a code is conflicting with the Square button.
  10. Glad you are looking into it. But there is one thing that puzzles me, the voting while in the railjack, when did that get fixed? Because last time I was in a Railjack with a full group, only the person that picked the node could vote.
  11. I've did some experimenting and it seems that the code is conflicting with something. DE has acknowledged the bug and is investigating it as we speak... heck, they might have fixed it while I was off on the weekend.
  12. Until they get the R1+Square bug fixed, go to controls, and have the Railjack on default -- even if it is on default, do it. After that, the game will think you changed the controls in reality -- if it was in default-- you didn't. So a code is conflicting with the controls and the settings.
  13. I'll test it soon. I'm very curious about this... Might be a bug then if you do have full wreckage. Theoritically, yes you should pick it up. So I'll look into this when I get back on Warframe.
  14. You are given a certain amount of invetory slots for the salvage. You can tell by the top of the screen when you are in the railjack menus on the first two tabs.
  15. You might want to add the following bugs to this: Unable to vote after someone in the party has started a vote to anywhere, and the R1+Square Battle Mods can't be used unless you changed the controls to default which are already on default. (I know people are going to say, but that R1+Square one shouldn't be a bug? But the fact is, when you have to change settings because it is conflicting with something is classified as a bug.)
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