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  1. Still unable to join any games that are not in the following: Dojo and Relays... Everytime I tried to join on say Hydron... NOPE. "Session unavailable." Seems the recent hotfix is more like a hot#*!%.
  2. Try reseting your system and see if that works. If not, then you might have to do one of two things... safe mode the PS4 and select Rebuild Database (no, it doesn't remove any of your data. It just deletes corrupted data) or delete the data from your storage (no, it's fine because all your character, gear, weapon, companion, and focus tree data are saved on a sever). Now to do Option 1 please follow the steps to the letter. 1) Turn off you system 2) Press and hold the power button on the console until you hear three beeps 3) Plug your DualShock 4 controller with a USB to th
  3. I get where you are coming from. Been experience that bug since the recent hotfix. "Session unavailable." Try to join a friends farm, DE says no, "Session unavailable." Yet my friends are fine and farming while I have been unable to join them and public matches now.
  4. Yeah, and then you get a bug like this where you try to join a friends squad or an open squad and it tells you "Session Not Found." Two things needs to be fixed: 1) those bugs, and 2) Open Squads needs to be updated in real time.
  5. Yeah, the problem has been like that for a few weeks and what does DE want? Shove more updates that have no bug fixes. This is making me want to go with Destiny 2 than with this game. I can join friends, see clan members and other people in free roam only. This is outrage, it's a bug like this that made me not want to continue playing a game that I just downloaded four months ago and what does it do now, "Oh, well you want to play with people? Too bad. Here. 'Session unavailable.' Good luck." Now, Warframe is deleted until this gets fixed. And if it is not fixed, I'm just going to stop pl
  6. You got lucky in my books. Try joining through communications and then all of sudden after you vote for a mission, it kicks you out by giving you "Session unavailable. every time you want to play with friends. I got sick and tried of playing solo farming because of Limbos trolling or lazy people, so I decided to get into farming with friends to help them out but oh no... can't do so. I restarted my system, internet, closed application, suspended application, and even did rest mode for all types excluding system updates and still getting this message. Until this is fixed, I'm not playing and I'
  7. Yeah, the invite system needs to be fixed. Another thing that needs to be fixed is the stupid "Session unavailable" message if you join your friends and then try to get in a game. I tried to join my friends and everytime we vote to a mission, it would be fine until loading. For some reason, I would get the "Session unavailable" error and my friends would be confused why I am not in the game but they are. Hell, I even went to public matchmaking and still got "Session unavailable." So I try railjack, solo... "Session unavailable". Try to join a free roam... "Session unavailable." I even did what
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