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  1. Hello, I bought both, but it‘s hard to suggest one of them. I like both, but Khora fits more for me playwise.
  2. I just flew there and started the battle by applying the deluted thermia without Little Ducks quest, and it worked, so I guess the thermia is the only limitation.
  3. Don‘t put yourself under pressure, if it doesn‘t work out now. The Ropalolyst was the last node I played on the starchart, after I finished all other planets. And even then I wasn‘t really ready for that, at least not solo. Concerning the Amp, I suggest to spend some nights on the Plains of Eidolon to hunt the Vomvalysts around the lakes and collect some Cetus Wisps and then build a 1-1-1 at least. That one is easy to get and is enough to take down the shields of the R. The Fortuna Amps are surely great, but getting them means a lot of work, if you don‘t the needed standing there yet. Dep
  4. If you are two different persons with two different accounts there should be no problem.
  5. It‘s railjack stuff. If you need a ship and a captain, tell me. edit: Well just saw that this one was from March 2020. Anyways, I got a ship and if anyone on PC needs to farm Fresnels, my offer stands.
  6. To speed up murmur gathering I stop killing mobs when the Lich enters the mission. Instead I focus on the extra Thralls it creates. After the first known symbol I stab the Lich to have more mission choices. Concerning missions I focus on capture, sabotage and extermination missions. Defense is dangerous for I had several situations where the Lich one-hitted the defense-objective - 4 waves in vein. Furthermore it‘s helpful to have a companion who also has a Lich for dual farming. Both gain murmurs and you can convert and exchange Liches afterwards, if they have an ephemera.
  7. I read about a player who had frame drops on his PC, too. I think he was helped by installing not the newest drivers for the graphics card. Well I don‘t know, if that applies to mobile graphics, too, but it‘s a point where you could start.
  8. If I had to guess, I would say it‘s a request for an Octavia song. But somehow some context is missing.
  9. Hello, actually I‘m struggling a little with the „male“ in the title. Basing on my mother tongue I would suggest a hammer or a flamethrower to meet what you want. By terms of playing warframe and being at MR8 there a lots of good weapons that are strong and bring you far in the game. At that MR I used a Lacera and a Soma (PrIme). More important are the mods. Look for some which raise the base damage on one hand and then look, if you should invest into crit or stat, depending on what has the higher base stat and mod that further. And of course you should add certain elemental damag
  10. I have three new (for me) frames in the foundry (Volt Prime, Saryn Prime and Chroma Prime) which I can level and equip with some extra polarities to get them ready for the Eidolon hunt / endgame.
  11. You get a message when someone is about to leave (waiting at extraction point) and you can see the remaining players in your session at the top right on the screen, so I don‘t understand what‘s missing.
  12. Not as far as I know. From what you described, I think it‘s a MR30 blessing.
  13. You say you were browsing Simaris‘ store, so i guess you were at a Station. If so, then you might have been gifted randomly by a MR30 player. That is a new feature which they can use via a terminal which you can find aboard space stations. Gifts from the shop usually come with an inbox message.
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