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  1. Nah, no worries, I didn't think you were being mean, and you had a valid point. Next time, I'll be sure to write stuff out :D
  2. "Be civil," I said. Yeah, that worked :| (pretty much just sarcasm, so no hard feelings, okay? :D)
  3. I would use my words, but this video essentially took the words out of my mouth, so I figured it'd be faster to post the video than type it all out. I get your point though, it is a forum, so I probably should have posted nothing, rather than posting a video. These forums are awash with them, it seems. My bad :|
  4. That is true, it is, but I'd like to see it revitalized, cause there's really nothing else like it, so I'd hate to see it go :(
  5. Yeah, I guess I'm just kinda in denial about the fact that this game's been going down the tubes for a bit. Makes me sad, cause there's still some good in there, somewhere. I just hope some community members who aren't either totally hateful towards DE, or just complete white knights, can band together to save the game from both the community and its developers. I only defended DE back there cause I do believe that they think they're doing the best they can (they're not, I know), and too much of the time, I see all the blame pinned on the devs, and never on community members (blame can go both
  6. This is not meant as a negative post, but rather, more of a "here are the problems, and here's what you can do, and here's what DE can do" post. Yes, Warframe has major issues, but it is still salvageable. This video discusses the main issues, and what the community can do to help. Yes, many of the things that need fixing fall on DE's shoulders, but some of it does fall on us, as the community. I appreciated this video because it wasn't the standard salty YouTuber who's only spewing negativity with no solution. Here's the video: If you can, look past the title, which may seem o
  7. Fair, but DE doesn't have any control over people's fashionframe choices, like they did with this skin. And, yeah, that candy cane skin is atrocious too :D
  8. Okay, that is fair, I suppose. DE definitely needs to do some introspective thinking, cause their game is in a pretty bad spot right now. I don't want to have to abandon it either :(
  9. Do you realize how much work goes into keeping a game like this afloat? This is the hardest-to-please community I think I've ever seen. I said it just now in another response, but I'll say it again, DE is a company made up of human beings with the same amount of time in a day as everyone else. They're currently short-staffed and working from home. People can't just endlessly turn out new and creative content. If you don't like it, stop playing, but don't just sit here complaining. 😁
  10. What was disappointing about the devstream? I thought it was good. They had a Q and A session, laid out their gameplan for the future, and talked about the upcoming changes. This community's gotta remember, DE is a company made up of human beings with the same 7 day week and 24-hour day everyone else does. They're doing the best they can.
  11. Dude, seriously, just cause viral + slash is "better" doesn't mean corrosive (and all the other damage types) are useless now. I still use corrosive all the time.
  12. First off, you can join more than one, as long as they all get along with one another (I am currently allied with Steel Meridian, Suda, and the Arbiters). Sounds like you're a new player though, so I would say just stick with one for now. As far as which one is "best" for you, that depends. Which one do you like the most? Which one offers the most interesting syndicate weapons? Which one has the most augments you need? If you are wondering from a standpoint of, "how much plat can I make off of the augments and weapons," I am not really the authority on that, since I don't care and haven't real
  13. Some elementals are more useful/powerful than others, but, 1) that's always gonna be the case, and 2) you don't need a min-maxed build for the vast majority of content in this game. So, tbh, pretty much all the elemental types are useful in certain situations. I do hope gas damage gets a rework tho...
  14. Yeah, the vest really ruins both the operator skin and the Zephyr skin for me. I still feel that the Zephyr skin without the vest looks like Gauss and Zephyr had a kid together, but idk.
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