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  1. no, you just have to look at the previous vaults page on the wiki to see otherwise, but new pairings with previously paired frames is rarer due to it being much easier and there being much more choice of who to pair so not needing to use a frame with a different frame
  2. also its not even garunteed valk and saryn will be paired when one or the other resurfaces
  3. its a riven mod, the first is the type of weapon its for and the second part is generated based on the stats of the mod riven mods are 'unique' mods with random stats
  4. it didnt used to be unlimited, it'd be 1 per stream and theres 5 streams a week
  5. it was broken try it now though there was just a hotfix
  6. its currently broken on controller, last pc hotfix fixed it but not come to console yet also many subsumed abilities have been fixed to work on merulina
  7. have you moved the cursor around the wheel to make sure its just not showing visually?
  8. is there anything in your wishlist? ah wait misread, never heard about adding them to wishlist from codex
  9. you were supposed to go to the drops page to claim also "Watched 3 different times"? do you mean you refreshed the page?
  10. if you were watching so long that you fell asleep it sounds like you never actually claimed the drops, and its WAY TOO LATE for anything to be done now
  11. sometimes "in a row" doesnt mean 1 match, cant think of a specific case in wf but other games for sure
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