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  1. Yep, and I agree with this as well. I thought it was like this for vanilla frost as well, but wasn't completely sure - memory's bad today.
  2. Need to add on to this: Frost Prime has no stun time on his number 4 as well - no continual freeze or stun after his attack ends. He'll be attacked as soon as he's done, even a little before he's done attacking.
  3. This, this, this all the way! Two-handed scythe of doom, with a reach like the Orthos Prime (or approaching, anyway) Big, long sweeping stroks, high crit rate and crit damage!
  4. @OP I agree with you totally. I really don't like anemic weapons. I also want the Venkas buffed as well!
  5. Adding onto what this guy said, I'd like: 3. Venka buff 4. Increase Volt's base runspeed. As a caster frame, he should move faster on base movement speed to make up for his less tankiness. And no, do not consider his speed ability, because that moves the whole team at high speed, still leaving you in the dust when playing with Rushing Random or when you are out of energy. Also, increase the hitting power of his damaging abilities if he truly is meant to be a powerful alternative to gunplay (meaning you'll have to beat Boltor Prime). Or fix his description. :P 5. Rework of the armor system.
  6. Darn good stuff, Prez! Though I'd prefer the ability to upgrade or downgrade the 'taters on my weapon, the concept mentioned here is so good!
  7. That is the problem. And a problem.
  8. As the title says, I cannot play the game at all - I get nothing but a picture of my warframe looking at me at the login screen. The cursor doesn't move, but I hear the sounds of when my mouse runs over something.
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