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  1. A very interesting idea and I was also thinking of a Druid frame as well. Hoping this gets in.
  2. First off, extremely sorry if this is the wrong place to post about this. I was thinking with a friend of mine that maybe the cyst you get from Nidus or infected players could feed the Helminth. Just, unsure if it could be considered bile, sentient appetite, pheromones, or biotics and how much it would fill it up by.
  3. If by some strange way dual Quassis becomes a thing, then I wouldn't complain as much, but at the same time...? What's the point of getting the weapon if you can't get the frame that makes it unleash it's full potential?
  4. Doesn't help that DE decided to make blueprints a higher priority than mods and such in the recent hotfix
  5. I'd love to have this, and this would really fit with my play style. Here's to hoping that maybe DE makes this become real.
  6. Please, we desperately need this. Got to a total of 9 blueprints thanks to this flawed rewards system
  7. So... I magically got 2 Quassus blueprints in one bounty run...
  8. Yeah, it feels so weird(?) that people can get the rare more easily than the common and uncommon rewards.
  9. So, I've been getting Quassus so easily that I'm starting to think its rarity for the rewards list for the bounties is wrong and Xaku's parts' blueprints should be the actual rare. I did look at the wiki and see each have a 7.5% to 10% drop rate, but... Quassus has a 43.48% chance to drop.
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