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  1. Myself and 1 other tried this mission once with default Archwing weapons. We did not have any success. We kept (we thought) shooting at the right thing and just never seemed to do anything. I built a Grattler and went in solo, and it was incredibly quick and easy. Grattler wasn't even close to 30.
  2. The only thing I will say about the Thermia Fractures event is that, as a relatively new player, I used it yesterday to get my Hildryn parts (needing the items from the fractures to fight the Exploiter). I don't know the in-game logic to it (where the event originated), but I can't really see myself doing much more with it, unless I somehow want a 2nd Hildryn down the line. I'm at 13/100 fractures sealed, and I don't think I want to do 87 more to get the blueprint, though it's supposedly a good weapon. It just seems a lot of effort and time for little reward. Though it did seem good xp
  3. So I've run these quite a bit now, and here's what I've learned (I'm very new to Cambion Drift - went there the 1st time day before this Arcana update, so no real prior experience with Iso Vaults before the update - also, I'm MR 16 and generally run Wisp/Ignis Wraith/Lesion - if that matters at all). All of this running of the vaults since the update has been in pubs, and I've only been Host twice. The bonus vault is only worth doing on Tier 3. Arcane Tier 1 isn't worth doing. State what you're interested in early (skip Loid/which arcanes/order - T1-T2-A2-T3-T3L-A3 vs T1-T2-T3-
  4. I've only been playing on PC for about 3 months (played years ago on PS4 - 2014), but I don't get the impression there's a cohesive design philosophy at DE.
  5. So question from someone who ran my first isolation vault yesterday (started less than 3 months ago, right after Deimos update, but worked through Cetus level 5, with a bit of Fortuna on the side - now 4 - and just started Deimos faction grind). In order to see the new Isolation Vaults, I have to run all 3 the initial ones on the bounty, and then, ON THE SAME BOUNTY, run the new ones? So far I've mostly just been following along the group (who I assume know the existing ones inside and out) and tonight after the update my two groups stopped after 3. And the new Mech parts only drop
  6. I felt like this NPE was made for people who've been playing the game for years to feel good about Warframe trying to explain things to new players. But not for new players. This NPE explains about 5% of the game and it's systems. Jumping in with Opyt's post - I've been playing 8-10 weeks (I did play to MR 10 back in 2014 - before there were quest or even a personal ship in the game). I'm MR 13 on PC now. I only know Lich's exist from incidental exposure on the Wiki or reddit (or tier lists listing Lich weapons). I have most of the Kuva Fortress unlocked. I actually don't ev
  7. I've been playing for about 2 months. The archwing (for me) hasn't gotten any more fun than the first mission. My starter gun and and melee are max, but my wing is about 25. I did intend to spend 1 night leveling it early on, but I was immediately hit with this bug twice in a row: I don't know if it was that exact same mission, but I just wouldn't extract when on the spot. Unlocking the star map, I came across the Pandora mission. Went in as a duo (we had starter weapons). We just simply couldn't damage it enough to complete. Looked up and it everyone advises no
  8. That's kind of what I was thinking (though not in those exact terms), and I'm not going to spend the time reporting any 2 year old bugs. I've been back for 8 or so weeks (played 6 years ago on PS4 to MR 10 before any quests, K-drives, archwings or operators existed). The one thing this game obviously lacked then was any in-game information on what and how to do things. I was, frankly, a little shocked when I came back that it's still the case. But I knew it was a "wiki game" back then, and I really DO enjoy the base gameplay (being a warframe and running missions). I have foun
  9. Not to be too negative, but I've been playing on PC for about 2 months, and have encountered numerous bugs, mostly in the quests, but also MANY on Plains of Eidolon. Every bug I've encountered seems to be, at the very least, 2 years old. Same issue I have. Still in the game. The one I have right now is 2nd vessel stage on Sands of Inaros. I drop the vessel at the door, go inside, take the next one, and the quest just hangs (still telling me to take the vessel). First result of a Google search is this 31 months ago. K-drive on Plains (if not ho
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