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  1. That is one of the weirder sounding issues I've heard of in online gaming. And like others said, I'd love to know if there's any plans to talk about anything specific (and/or interesting to me) in any of these streams. My guess is no, but it'd be great if there was, and they'd mention it ahead of time. Could honestly not care less about the random playing they tend to do (I tune in for drops or info, like I assume most do).
  2. This. Got the new frame and weapon day 1 and 2. Soloed the missions after a few pub games (all were messes with connectivity, no reactant, etc). Didn't even try to crack my relics solo (and with the last 2 groups I randomed into). Haven't had to touch the Void Storms since (though I will if I want a 2nd Sevagoth for Helminth, need another neuroptics). With the visuals and other bugs, I don't ever want to run a Void Storm again. With the other bugs, I'd rather just solo Railjack missions. I love the Skirmishes (Corpus missions not really at all), and can solo them rather easily. Why
  3. Loki was last available April 30 - July 2, 2019. Mag was last available Nov 13, 2018 - January 29, 2019. Both much longer than 6 months ago, and not even together like you imply (Loki with Volt/Odonata/Bo/Wyrm and Mag with Nova/Dakra/Boar/Soma/Vasto).
  4. This makes me sad. I'd love to play these without getting eye strain/headaches.
  5. You're doing what you're supposed to do. It's just RNG. Void storms in Neptune, Pluto or the Veil can drop all 3. Every one of the storms has a 10% drop chance for each of the 3 parts. So any of the storms in those 3 zones can drop any of his parts. You do not have to crack the relic to get the part drop. Just complete the mission. For my own sanity, I farmed these mostly (after the first few tries) solo in Veil Grineer skirmishes. I found that trying to play these publicly meant that about half the time the mission didn't start correctly (I'd join, go to loading screen, and there'
  6. I don't see how anyone could not see that DE then choosing to implement these ground missions was a mistake. But I guess they were dead set on putting full ground missions inside Railjack. Which I also think was a mistake (because I do not enjoy doing any of the new Corpus missions, though I can tolerate the Exterminates). I know I was looking forward to Railjack being expanded. Which I don't feel it was, even if we could use our recall once the forced ground mission was done. What I wanted was an expansion of the Skirmishes, a possible activity that Archwings were best suited for, and mo
  7. Not that this is a good thing, but I found in my PUBs that people generally don't care about cracking the relic. They (and me) were all there to farm for parts, or didn't really know what the mission was other than "the new thing". I've farmed both now, so don't need to do these ever again (unless I want to build a 2nd Sev, which means I need another neuros). You don't even have to equip a relic to get the part drops (or the endo, traces or rad relic if RNG goes that way). And many groups I ran with didn't.
  8. Curious as to what about Railjack you don't like? Mind sharing? The Skirmish missions? Lack of any in-game guidance? Of the "alternate playstyles" added (Operator, Archwing, Necromech, and LoL K-Drives) it's the only one I find fun to play. Necro isn't bad, OP is a useful tool in a mission, but AW gameplay is awful and K-drives are pointless. I wasn't a RJ master or anything before 3.0 (intrinsics all 6 and 7), but I always had fun playing them (when Nightwave called for them). 3.0 is not an upgrade in any aspect that I can see (more bugs, less fun, crappier host ships). I guess th
  9. After playing a couple more hours today (6 systems, 5 chassis, 0 neuros - yay!), I'm thinking these Void Storms may be the worst designed missions in the game, if you take into account all aspects of them. For starters, the day 1 epilepsy bug was unforgivable. Seriously bad. Shows that DE has minimal (at best) testing procedures. This kind of visual can actually give certain people seizures. That's actual harm in real life. Not to many people (and they probably don't play Warframe), but my god that was just sad that got through DE's alpha testing. Even fixed, the visuals are jus
  10. To be fair, the "new Railjack content" isn't something many would consider Railjack. It's just standard Warframe missions shoved into space with a Railjack taxi. The Grineer Skirmishes are cool (and largely unchanged, bugs and all) but the Corpus missions are not an improvement on Railjack to many (myself included). And the new weapon and frame drops aren't really behind a Railjack mission, but a standard mission with a Railjack taxi (for the most part). Railjack 3.0 downgraded so many aspects of Railjack. There are a few improvements, but mostly things stayed the same or got a little
  11. This is most definitely still happening. And I'm having it happen outside of Railjack missions now (survival at least). Edit - Did not receive any bonus Endo for scrapping armaments. I know I scrapped some of these. No idea how much I should have gotten, and don't really care that much, but whatever you think you did, you didn't. Void Storm visuals and screen shake still beyond Epilepsy causing levels after the hotfix. The game becomes unplayable when that happens. This note is not fully addressed - Fixed various functionality issues related to being outside the Railjack as
  12. The visual that I get when I'm close to a Void Sink completely hides the actual Void Sinks for me. I simply don't know where they are to determine where to run to get away from them. They also feel way to frequent, and appear on levels I can't see often (below/above/behind walls/doors). To avoid complete POS host ships, I'm running Veil solo with no relic. Exterminate. My crew does die a lot to the Sinks (I think). To the point where they're not really needed, assuming I can get to the final ship and Lotus takes over. They die so often they are not worth saving. I'm not sure what t
  13. Short quest. Stuck on weaker (than mine) railjack for a bit. The arena fight was probably supposed to let me feel how the frame fights. It did. But there was no info as to how much damage anything did, no costs (does this frame use energy or is it cooldown releated?). After using each ability a couple of times, I was ready for that scene to be done, as I wasn't learning anything. But it kept going for a bit. Overall, not very memorable, really. But I don't really care about the lore, but how something plays. This wasn't very fun to PLAY through (a spy mission as my own frame?). It wa
  14. Void storms - only ran one. It was way too long to crack one relic. Once people have frame and weapon parts, will anyone ever want to run these again? Enemies are too few. We completed every objective except about 20 more fighters (out of 107) before we even saw a corrupted (in the already cleared out derelict side objective). This was a Veil skirmish, btw. 3 different zones cleared, and then we had to reenter one of them to collect our reactant. Also the host's ship was a complete POS. 1.2something health and what felt like MK 1 weapons. This kind of ship shouldn't be allowed to
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