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  1. I was hoping his would be like Xakus, but he turns into a mist/smoke
  2. Sevagoth: Increase base armor so around 150-200, higher energy pool or change his 3 to duration based. Maybe give a slight bump to hp. Claws: Increase range a tiny bit. Shadow: BUFF HP. Lessen energy cost for abilities since its not a permanent form. Too much micro management for such a short duration.
  3. Sevagoth has a few bugs. Sometimes when leaving Shadow, the camera is zoomed way too close to Sevagoth, must go into Operator to fix. Also when leaving Shadow, trying to cast an abilities instead spits out Operator. Switching back to Sevagoth sometimes make Sevagoth unable to perform ANY actions besides running.
  4. How about an in-depth look at possible Dojo overhauls? Id personally love to see a room with donated/consigned pets! Maybe a way to simplify placing decorations and the ability to recolor objects.
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