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  1. I made a bug report about this yesterday, so it may or may not have been fixed. The archgun softlock may be the issue.
  2. Game-breaking bug during final stage of Sister kill/conversion. After defeating the Sister, the game never recognizes that you've actually gone to extraction to leave the capital ship and locks out the pilot's seat of the railjack. Once you reach extraction, you are able to leave the capital ship, but when you're in open space, it says "Enter Corpus Pillar" and the usual extraction message. The Railjack is in a perpetual cloak as well and cannot be warped to via Omni or Form Up. Only way to exit the mission is about or close the game. Sister is not defeated upon aboring the mission. This may be caused by use of the Necramech while in the capital ship. Another note is that priority target markers/HUD objectives do not appear during Sister Confrontation missions, but are still able to be accessed.
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