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  1. Is there a new weapon with this new nightwave?
  2. Also is the number of drops you can get a maximum of 5 from 1 set of stream grab bags? Like if I get 5 from this ongoing week of Kahl bro’s theme streams, then I can’t get more drops from another stream in this week?
  3. I have 1 noggle of the lancer and 2 spinny toys and 2 wheely toys.
  4. I have lost 2 requiem ultimatums bcoz when I vanquished 2 of my sister liches at different times, the objective didn’t update and I couldn’t extract. If u vanquish and no sister dialogue plays, then your run is bugged and you will have to lose everything as you will have to leave the mission and do it again. In my case, it has happened twice and both times I lost out on a requiem ultimatum.
  5. Is it possible to increase drop rate of corrupted holokeys? This supposed 37.5% does not even feel like 37.5%. I have done 30 runs and I only have 22 till now (6+6+5+5). Pls increase it. Or make a small amount guaranteed like about 2-3 guaranteed by end of a mission if you do the optional point of interest, ie, the Orokin derelicts (in veil) and ice mines (Neptune) and the derelict freight linkers (in Pluto and Corpus Veil) and whatever is the Poi in Venus.
  6. I wasn’t in the relay but I still didn’t get my Loki prime. I relinked my acc and checked inventory and it wasn’t there. I watched both streams (utuber’s stream for vastilok which I got and the play warframe stream) but i didn’t get Loki prime to show in my inventory. Edit: Sent a support ticket and issue is now fixed.
  7. New bug… if you just enter orbiter after a mission and immediately (and I mean immediately) try to open arsenal from menu, it bugs out the game and will not let you access it in any way and will make the camera fix itself in 1 place. The camera issue can be fixed by interacting w anything else in the orbiter or opening the menu. But the arsenal stays un-interactive unless you do a mission and come back or you open and leave a mission.
  8. So uh is it possible to increase drop rate of corrupted Holokeys? 37.5% seems a bit too low, even for RJ missions which can be stretched out due to bugs.
  9. The system should be able to detect hacking and should atleast stop them from playing any mission.
  10. Hopefully they give it out to those affected or everyone who logged in that day like with the relay drops issue and what happened after.
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