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  1. Where do I slot these streams into my schedule so I have a chance to get slots?
  2. Well now you have an army of fishing experts at your bopping disposal.
  3. Guy who has maxed out all mods ingame and has half a million endo- Bud you have no idea how wrong you are.
  4. Also why do slots cost 60p? Like 45 or something would make more sense but why 60?
  5. Hey DE, since when do coupons (50% off, 75% off) not apply to weapon slots? I remember them being applied to weapon slots b4 the new update.
  6. I do be seeing new fashion in da devstream pic.
  7. IIRC you don’t get forma in the store during that event.
  8. This is because they’re weak to everything void related and since primes can’t deal void dmg, they can’t do much. Operators on the other hand can so they easily cheesed em. So make em take status but buff em by 25% (or a bigger percentage idk) and since they’re weak to void, this would make operators more useful in the new war since they have limited uses rn. Also when operator buff?
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