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  1. This is because they’re weak to everything void related and since primes can’t deal void dmg, they can’t do much. Operators on the other hand can so they easily cheesed em. So make em take status but buff em by 25% (or a bigger percentage idk) and since they’re weak to void, this would make operators more useful in the new war since they have limited uses rn. Also when operator buff?
  2. They will still be dangerous, but they’re doing this for lore reasons. We don’t know if they will be weak or not. Maybe they will add something to compensate for this. Also are u 4 real m8? Comparing infested to the sentients? Ha.
  3. They may not have mechs yes, but, atleast they (a lot of the player base) should have the arch gun deployer by the time TNW rolls out.
  4. They would never give out platinum as a stream drop coz it’s the games premium currency and they’re not entitled to give out anything in the first place. They do so because they want to. Players cannot and should not be able to influence drops as the devs decide what they want to give out in the first place.
  5. I’d prefer jelly beans (coz look at my IGN) or tiny rail jacks floating about, hitting the walls of the vials, also add some liquid and make it float to make it look more like a ship. We also need a railjack decoration for orbiter.
  6. ImStugInHell better whip out dis bad boy so the sentients can run (or more realistically float) back home (we’ll make the sentients wish they stayed back in tau) or we’re all doomed.
  7. Got loads of ayatans in frontal ship area near nav coz I made an ayatan family. I have a collection of floofs and 2 orb mother and eidolon Articulas in the middle of the ship which takes up a lot of space. I got the big aquarium which iirc, takes 90 space in the personal quarters. I got little in the operator room like 3 food canisters, 1 gara bobble looking at Nihil’s oubliette and sum floofs (3-6 idk) and little to nothing in my hungry bois room. Also got 3 domestik drones roaming around the ship. 1 from alert, 1 from Christmas event as a gift and 1 from Amazon prime thing going on rn #Not Sponsored.
  8. Ik that. Shouldn’t have written that. Somehow, It made me seem unsure.
  9. Lmfao I maxed out my decorations capacity in my ship (the night wave ship) so these streams are not worth watching now.
  10. There is already a version of that on k-drives by default.
  11. Same time as consoles (Xbox and PlayStation). 8th sept
  12. 10 would be a bit too much as sisters drop. But then again, the veil void storms will drop 10. Or, you could make it drop 2 - 4 per players sister killed/converted to incentivise non-solo/squad sister confrontation.
  13. DE, you see, The Problem Wasn’t Amount of holokeys, but, The horrendous Droprate of them. It took me atleast 40-60 missions to get 1 tenet melee. I was fine w the amount but not the droprate. I would get the holokeys to drop every ~5-20 missions.
  14. Is there a new weapon with this new nightwave?
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