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  1. I am so very sorry for posting a pic that was not censored enough.
  2. I am worried about how misleading the certification part seems. "or even legality like you would in real life" is a very good part. This is why I wanted to check. I wanted to know how much leeway the mods and the devs would give and what the parameters of the community/trade market/chat is. Seeing as how it is NOT like irl, the current consensus is that similarity to irl legality is very grey area including vastly misleading promos (imo), is allowed to certain people under certain circumstances. Unlike irl, there is no large amount of detailed laws, and if you can explain your way around it, anything is possible (this is what I mean when I say certain people btw).
  3. Please check initial post about what this thread is about. (ugh, i should have posted an even more blacked out img >.>)
  4. tyvm for your opinion :) (tho tbh, i much more enjoyed your first big response XD)
  5. So, in your opinion, the certification part does not seem misleading into thinking it was DE or officially certified by a third party?
  6. Please re-read the post, I am specifically interested in the certification part. There is no other reason for this post. ty.
  7. I am sorry if I have worded it in a way that was confusing. I am only specifically curious about the certification part.
  8. Hmm, thank you for picking that out. I wanted to specifically ask about the certification part. I will change my initial post to try to reflect that better.
  9. I'm just surprised at how loose they are letting it go. Claiming to be certified, imo, is taking it to another level. But like I said, I am curious about how far you are allowed to go and stretch the truth in regards to trade advertisements. Specifically.
  10. umm, and that's generally accepted/allowed? So...there's no "false advertising" limits on the trade chat or something similar? Just trying to understand how the system works cuz if it was an ad irl that would b a bit of an issue XD
  11. EDIT: I want to specifically talk about the certification part. That is it. Hi, Is there a way for people to actually become certified suppliers of ignis wraith bps? Like, did some streamer or developer endorse them or something? Is there something I'm not aware of? This is not made to flame anyone, but a general question as to if such a thing actually exists. And if it does not exist, where does the line get drawn in ....... advertising? Please refer to the photo below. Edit 2: updated picture so people will hopefully read the question better.
  12. Physical Egg Submission: Orokin Space Egg This is all on one egg - just different sides of the same egg. Inspired by colours seen commonly on warframe. It looks more bronze-gold in real life which is why I put orokin. And here's a second link just in case the first link breaks: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iBMSyxangoHDci5txPtAfn8yJTXYkGrB/view?usp=sharing
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