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  1. So the next unvault is Nyx & Rhino. Rhino is pretty sick since he's expensive as hell and a very solid frame, but Nyx is literally already unvaulted permanently via void storms. Why is she even there? It's like she was put there solely to make the relics bad and less worthwhile to farm. This makes no sense at all.
  2. I think the devs should add a few zeroes to the damage on that ability.
  3. Generally I agree that people basing a frame's capability solely off of nuking is a really bad way to go about it (that's how we get people saying Sh#t like Harrow & Vauban are bad) but Yareli is not fine. Her lack of damage output isn't the problem that makes her so Sh#t. The problem is a mix of the fact that she has abilities that are designed to be for damage but have an absolutely pathetic damage output, and the fact that literally NOTHING in her kit actually synergizes. It's fine for a frame to center around good mobility (which Yareli doesn't have anyway because merulina is horrible to use outside of open worlds). It's fine for a frame to center around crowd control. It's fine for a frame to center around survivability. It's fine for a frame to center around dealing damage. It's not fine for a frame to have a haphazardly thrown together mix of all that and not a single skill to even do its job well. Yareli is a terrible frame, and you shredding some level 20's on Jupiter with Aqua Blades is not at all evidence to the contrary.
  4. He's the strongest water based frame.
  5. 1.) w h y? There's way more than 100 edgy little pricks in this game that I'd love to never see again. 2.) Who gives a sh#t about the catchmoon's impact proc? Ya'll STILL didn't fix Galvanized Savvy/Aptitude/Shot not working on loads of other weapons. https://imgur.com/a/cp3Cgbt
  6. Oh that's the thing! They can spawn in just 3 minutes. It's just that the odds of rolling that fast spawn seem to be roughly 1/25 or so. All 3 of you, the mods are still broken. Thank them when they do the job right.
  7. Don't thank them for addressing the galv mods they're still broken on the majority of weapons. Thank them when they do the job right.
  8. Unfortunately not, so those mods remain useless for anything that isn't a sniper rifle or named Pyrana Prime. "One outlier" Um, no. In reality, you didn't fix anything. https://imgur.com/a/jLOPHBO Just tested this in simulacrum right now and would ya look at that, Galvanized Savvy still doesn't give ANY damage at all. Same deal with the others. Nothing has changed. PLEASE, have someone actually test these fixes before pushing them out and claiming it works now.
  9. LIKE A PEN- wait would saying that get me banned?
  10. auto roll would legit be worse. Rolling Guard exists and I sure as hell don't want it triggering without my say.
  11. There is effectively 0 reason to get this weapon as it is for the most part a direct downgrade to the Vaykor Hek, which is arguably easier to get. Half the mag capacity, slower fire rate, lower crit chance, and it can't even equip the Shattering Justice mod despite lacking any innate Justice effect on the weapon. Kind of ironic considering this update had no justice itself. Make Shattering Justice equipable at the very least. It makes no sense for this weapon to be unable to use it when it already has so many downsides.
  12. It aint there that's the entire issue. They said they would spawn faster with this update. Not only do they not spawn faster, they spawn SLOWER. It has been slightly over 6 minutes per spawn every single time since the update hit, excluding a mission on the corpus ship tile set where we got a treasurer spawn (unsurprisingly he got away) but not a single acolyte in 13 minutes.
  13. Wrong. The year rivens came out was the most profitable one DE had up til then. People pay a lot of money for the platinum to buy them. "People can just trade for platinum" Gee, I wonder where that platinum originated from? DE refuses to do anything that nerfs rivens specifically because they're getting S#&$loads of money from them. Now you know. This IS a melee nerf. Don't act like someone's mistaken something when you clearly don't understand what's going on yourself. What is so difficult to understand about people wanting to have a functional melee weapon while also having good abilities? Isn't the gun buffing and melee butchering this update brings literally to make combat more diverse? If you like only doing 1 thing with your build then that's great, for you, but the rest of us want some diversity that doesn't require changing to an entirely different build. Your reasoning here is ridiculous and very elitist, please shut up.
  14. This isn't something small you clown. This is a legitimate issue and a lot of weapons are going to suffer for it.
  15. nah man they're gonna nerf that and make it so they can only revive once per mission. classic DE style. What we really needed was a buff to sentinels so they aren't absolute dead weight, not a #*!%ing nerf to the one good one.
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