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  1. I was in a game of hydron, and the host migrated. Then myself and another player noticed that we were staggering, losing health and dying as if though affected by a bleed proc when in the ability range of another friendly player who was playing as an equinox in day mode. All the while we were not being attacked by enemies. Rare bug? IDK. really annoying? yes.
  2. It is now, March, 29 2021 and STILL...we are not able to use secondary weapons on K-drives in Orb Vallis. It works in the plains of eidolon (sometimes) but not in orb vallis or deimos. WHY NOT? Even with a nightwave challenge being to shoot enemies while on k drive.......???????????????????????????
  3. I put melee speed in because it is something we have to have against higher level enemies if we are to use melee weapons as a primary means of killing them instead of guns. Higher level enemies being the bullet sponges in steel path. The way the enemy behaves causes tenno to fight a certain way. I guess what im trying to say is, that if the enemies behaved differently, perhaps we would not be so inclined to simply use melee weapons to achieve an overall goal. That being, eliminating the enemy in the most effective manner available. In the devstream, melee speed was something that was me
  4. I was just playing a few rounds of the index for a nightwave challenge, and I noticed something peculiar. I was having fun fighting the enemies in the index. I felt as if though the enemy could actually stand a chance, if they were a little stronger. Then I went to play in a steel path mission....and not so much. Then it occurred to me that in the index, the enemies try to anticipate your aim and dodge your shots. This should most definitely be somehow put into normal starchart missions! I was having a blast fighting these particular enemies! There is a very distinct difference in the w
  5. This happens on PC as well. Still even to this day umbra falls through the map especially right in front of the door to the isolation vault. Also, when using transference into any other warframe the warframe appears at the location of the operator. With Umbra it is backwards. The operator goes to wherever Umbra is. Very frustrating as excalibur umbra is probably the best warframe to use in the cambion drift with chromatic blade and furious javelin especially being very strong against the massive hordes of enemies there. This doesnt just happen on deimos either. It sometimes happens in o
  6. When I transfer to umbra from operator mode I am now transported to the location of Umbra. Every other warframe I use, the warframe goes to the location of the operator. Now It is almost unplayable with an operator intensive playstyle. Now every time i transfer into the warframe, I am transported to where ever umbra is, instead of the other way around.
  7. I just acquired this weapon, and I cant figure out how to get the radial blind to function. I went so far as to equip only the sydon, and stand in front of a grineer turret, blocking hundreds of bullets. I press ADS and heavy attack and it makes the animation of what seems to be the one assigned to the blind, but still no flash, no blind.
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