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  1. do u really think i dont know how to choose relics? secondly if you knew the game you would know i in no manner can choose a team mates reward.. common dude
  2. Got to drop these Baro kiteer prices. i have littlery done only grinding unlocking relics for baro for two weeks straight everyday to sell to get Ducats. barely enough and nothing else there is simply just no time for anything else in the game..cant do any other missions on eidelon or fortuna or syndicates or any other rank climbing some nightwave achievements takes place while i play i have litterly 'put over 200 hours in two weeks and there is some people that work that would have very little time to achieve this why is it so expensive. dont y
  3. Monday: Cherry Tree Glyph Tuesday: Teshin Statue Wednesday: Sacrifice Tea Set Thursday: Starchild Diadem also the tea set is a reward once for finishing th sacrifice quest..didnt u know that?
  4. tell me do we have to wait another 2 years before some of us can get the tea set and the teshin statue. why dont we get it as reward for finishing the mission..the tea set i logged in twice this week and got 2 rewards only
  5. you must be the only one having that.. i have experienced black squares only near ship containers in the out side world....once or twice in a round..that was it verify files verify download cache..fixes it
  6. there definately is no more cpu usage at all..i tried it enhanced on and classic..there is NO difference in cpu usage at all. there is however tons more shadows.. and i feel it to be more gpu usage but also there is NO extra gpu usage on or off fps is only a slight 10 fps differences up and down i did this in cetus with about 20 people running around here to say this is VERY GOOD ENHANCEMENT This is on a ryzen 1700 oc + gtx 1070
  7. glad ..you not the only one who niticed it..since the 6.6 gig patch..i really see a downgrade in textures
  8. no rtx at the moment..in the furture ..its written RTX ON? What’s next? Phasing out the legacy system will allow us to focus our efforts on one. This will open the doors for future exploration in new technologies. There’s a lot going on in ray-tracing and machine-learning augmentation of rendering… stay tuned!
  9. all good..i actaully tested the beta new engine today..the lighting and shadows are amazing
  10. i agree on optional ..it should be...game looks really crappy now..eyes can see it easily..
  11. now i am really unhappy with the ensmalling as you call it. the graphics have become very pixelated and is so so so so so annoying to my eyes..i see detail very clear.. i tell u it has changed to very uncomfortible to me when you run around now its like pixelated and buffers in when you run..its annoying.. every where i run it is like it streams in now standing still you dont really see it this compression has screwed it it up..i was never worried about size on ssd but poor graphics sucks
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