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  1. I would guess that it will just be like normal, PS4 and PS5 will be "cross-platforming" (Its still the same server just different hardware) for a while till they close the PS4 side of things (if they do), I don't see DE making a account migration wen your PS5 account will be the exact same as your PS4 one. Plus, I bet DE wont go into PS5 territory at launch, if they did I am sure they would have already made an announcement about Warframe being available at launch on the PS5, I am sure there is a bunch of optimizations they would need to do, specially since it would be a missed opportunit
  2. Like vanaukas said, DE sometimes leaves little details, like how the Lua nodes form a Moon phase shape, how many planetary nodes share the names of their respective Moons, how Deimos is skull shaped, and so on.
  3. Yes, but actually no. Chances are that they would lose more players (aka "money makers") if they just let them go to PC compared to the people leaving now, losing players is the same as losing potential costumers, therefor you are both right and wrong, they need you to purchase from their online store but for that you also have to be a player to begin whit. If I had a good PC and DE gave me the option to take all my progress from PS4 to PC I would do it, specially because I have noticed PC has better loadings and graphics whit the downside of Tennogen, but because they dont I am stic
  4. DE: I want to do it. Also DE: But we cant. -------------------------------------------- Basically, cross-save will require all consoles to accept it being a thing, which is like playing the lottery and winning big. So... dont get your hopes up, it might never be a thing. DE has way too many limitations to make it happen, and I dont see them getting rid of them anytime soon if not at all.
  5. I mean, thats how our world works, its money or nothing, and given that DE seems to favor PC, specially whit better graphics, loading times and updates, the Consoles most likely know they would lose players if DE made possible for them to just move on to PC.
  6. But wouldn't cross save just be Account Migration in the end of the day ? I mean, pretty sure it would require them more work to Cross-Save compared to Migrations, no ?
  7. Then, how about having this "Daily Quests" I talked about be part of the Tutorial ? Basically, instead of the first thing the NPCs make you do wen you get to the open world is a Bounty or a Quest, why not have them make you do a small introduction tutorial where, for example, the NPC in charge will tell you to visit the respective vendors and the vendors will give you a quest that you will need to do before talking whit the other vendor to get the next one, basically, this wold introduce them to the mechanics of Conservation, Fishing and Mining before sending them into a bounty, while als
  8. 1. Again, that idea makes no sense, that would still make Railjack a content island, as it being used for travel between planets to do missions doesn't make any more disconnected. The only way for your "idea" to work would be requiring you to fight off enemies in between planet travel, which seems like forcing content on players just to make the RJ get used, specially because people dont want to do a random space fight every time they switch planets. Basically, what I am saying is that DE most likely wont do that, since your Orbiter is literally our source of transportation between planet
  9. But if the issue is power level, wouldn't that be better fixed if DE came up whit a better gateing system compared to MR ? I am saying this because as you said, the overall issue whit getting standing is having poor gear to do so, so even if they got MR outside the planet for the fishing and mining gear, they would still not be able to do bounty's because of the poor gear, no ? Meaning that even if they got to R1, R2-R3 would still pose newbies a issue. And why does it "stop their starchart process" ? Pretty sure you can do the quest and be done whit them till you want to go back to
  10. But is having new player literally go outside of the open worlds the best way to ease them into them ? I mean, isnt that basically giving them a way out of not doing the open worlds, I would guess it would be a bigger shock going into the open worlds whit the amount of standing R2 requires compared to R1. I do think the NPCs should have presence outside the open worlds to make them feel more connected to the overall game, I mean, Biz and Eudico can contact you from Fortuna to a Nef armada and Little Duck can talk to you anywhere in a disruption missions so there is nothing stoping them, I
  11. This should probably be in feedback. This has been asked time and time again and DE has given 0 comments on this, so either they are ignoring it or they dont care enough to refere the issue. The Consoles mouse and keyboard support is a leftover of PC, simple as that, its something that shouldn't most likely be in PS4 and Xbox in the first place, why do I say this ? Well, several chat keys dont work, the "@" command is none-existent and the obvious missing keybinding change menu kinda hints at the fact that DE never intended it to be a thing for us. We can keep asking time and ti
  12. Wen ? Hum... sometime between "not soon" and "never". Why ? DE has a severe restriction wen it comes to Console players, DE cannot show bias to either Console and Consoles will want their players to stay where they are, while they also most likely have VERY specific constraints wen it comes to the Online Shops, as its kinda obvious that SONY only gets a % of the money players use on the PS Store and not a % from the overall monthly earning DE makes from every Console platform, so... yea. What could happen instead ? At best DE could be able to create a path from PC to
  13. 1. It already has lore, Railjacks are old war Tenno armadas used to fight off Sentients. The reason why the quest cannot be moved from after "The War Within" is that it literally has content that isnt known of until you do "The War Within" or gain access to the Necraloid syndicate on Daimos, his includes the lore behind the Reliquary Drive and Veil Proxima. 2. They dont, you getting a random out of context alert that tells you to go do a random mission for a random reward doesn't make the system feel more alive at all, it just makes Lotus spam you whit "There is a new alert" every 5m and
  14. 1. I mean, the Deimos pet method gives you 10 tokens per pet, thats basically 5k standing per pet, seems pretty good, though you can max your daily cap if you do 3-4 mother bountys so its not like you need standing from other places. 2. My point in case, people only bother whit floofs because they are free decorations, had they been 5p-10p each people would treat them the same as Noggles, meaning that you do not care about Floofs because they are Floofs, but because they are free, which was my point.
  15. Being able to ignore something means that there are is a less ignorable method of getting what the other method provides, and in retrospective, it being a method accessible from the start, and in this case Obelisks arent available for everyone and arent good enough to make you able to ignore Fishing and Mining, as again, even if the Obelisk drops all resources, its random and in uncertain quantities (and probably it has a drop table), whit the only known method of farming them being inside a Iso Vault to make use of the infinite infested spawn (Which will most likely be fixed), making Mining a
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