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  1. Bumping this, confirmed this is still an issue. (Woops, meant this for PS4. Either way, existing bug.)
  2. You know who said it. I don't need to point fingers, nor am I here to simply parrot a contentious quote out of pure spite. But I did take a moment to imagine: Having to actually think about what ability to give up from a tactical perspective? Wondering whether your Frame would be better off as-is for general use, or if you should choose a Helminth ability for specialization? Having a greater variety of strong (or God-forbid viable) Frames? Ultimately enjoying the game's increased replayability and greater probability of player retention because variety? Dunno about you, but i
  3. Let's hypothetically assume for a moment that DE has discovered a reasonable way to implement Cross-Save, as well as the below. If players were restricted to buying Platinum on their parent platform (Warframe account that started on PS4 HAS to ALWAYS purchase plat from the PSN, even when they're playing on PC) it might be enough to sate the corporate concerns for their poor, shoestrung wallets. (Spite and sarcasm heavily intended.) Tennogen content would have to be repurchased to satisfy contractual obligations to artists. Only fair if you're using that content on multiple platforms that
  4. Already looked at both, twice: once on my own, and once at Zendesk's behest. No luck.
  5. Admittedly, I never played Dark Sector, and I came into Warframe around the release of the Sacrifice patch, so I'm unfamiliar with DE's rough start. Renegotiation is off the table, then, which kinda sucks. Here's hoping the Ensmallening™ helps the PS4 version perform better, because the game as a whole is very close to unplayable for me at the moment, and Deimos literally IS unplayable. In fact, since the content release, ALL open worlds crash whenever moving between their social spaces and the open area itself (meaning missions auto-fail which sucks), and I was really hoping to get a Dread
  6. Depends on whether the contract has a renewal date. You really think DE would sign their life away with an agreement that possesses an effective period of 'indefinite'?
  7. Account information and progression, etc. are saved server-side, this is true... though I'm hoping that the game's movement to the next generation of consoles will allow for renegotiation of existing contracts. (inb4 "there's a clause for that in the existing contract" bullcrap)
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