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  1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. It's just that the mantra long time players have for newbs is "just grab Rhino, grab a gun, and go." That absolutely doesn't work for me. But the "trash" Mag I started with absolutely wrecks levels. At least when played by me. My Guild leader warned me that after mid level content (what counts as that anyway?), she'd be useless. For me, she has the second highest "kill score" in Steel Path Mot for me (Octavia prime is #1 by throwing out her ball and doing squats). Mag does great. Rhino gets me killed. His Roar, however, is nice to put on other frames.
  2. I really need to get one of these "invincible" frames. For the most part, I can flat out face tank at least up to SP Mot with Wisp (who's just broken) and Equinox. (Octavia doesn't face-tank. She doesn't tank. She's broken to the point of having ascended having to defend herself.) I know my experience with Rhino has been less then stellar (I hate Rhino with a burning passion), but Nidus seems really fun. Also annoying to farm.
  3. Nice list. Titania's passive also grants (minimal) healing. edit: Oh, lol. Of course it isn't listed: that was from before her "rework"!
  4. Perhaps I misunderstood the tone here too. Though I'll be the last person to claim I have anything close to a stellar memory (It's actually quite poor) what you quoted isn't an example nor are you explicitly excluding proc damage. Regardless. Points have been made.
  5. No need to get testy. In any case, to answer your question: The latter since I consider proc damage as part of hit damage (since it's proc'ed from a hit). Also, I looked through this thread and am not seeing the example you're referring to. In fact, looking back, my initial reply was to a different user. Reading through your replies, I'm not seeing any examples. Also, you never explicitly excluded proc damage despite your claim other wise. At least not to any of my replies. What's more, your first reply in this thread on the subject of comparing damage mods was in response to me. In
  6. The drop never dropped. But yes, I've done that.
  7. This is still not true for two reason. Consider the Galatine, which does 95% of it's damage as slashing. A +120% slashing mod would grant a damage boost of 0.95*1.2=1.14, or 114% as opposed to an elemental mod that would add 90% (baring Primed Fever Strike). With the exception of Primed elemental mods, a +120% SIP mod will be as good or better than an element mod if the weapon's physical damage of that type makes up at least 75% of the total damage. For the split damage and stat chance mods, this needs to be only 66.66...%. Also, on the Steel Path, where armor values can be extreme,
  8. This is absolutely not true, especially in the case of Slashing where you want to increase the chance of getting a slashing proc.
  9. Roar can be put on any 'frame though (admittedly in a weaker form). Also, you can have both Roar and Empower on Equinox (I sure do). Also, it's not always great to use Empower. I've been yelled at by Speedva's for using it.
  10. Having just started playing Fall 2020, I have some thoughts on things I wish I knew. First and foremost "What do I spend plat on" and more importantly "What never to spend plat on". I know this is answered many places, but there is so much info everywhere it can get drowned out. This was one of my chief sources of stress along with "What do I do now". So much of Warframe is available early. I really wish I had someone to just say "Follow the star chat, ignore everything else, and do the main story quests".
  11. The way Roar interacts with weapons is pretty clear as well as one-time abilities (i.e. Fire Blast initial damage). I"m not so sure about channeled abilities (Equinox's Maim) or those with a duration (Octavia's Mallet). Is the bonus damage "locked in" at cast time? What about DoTs? Such as if Fire Blast proc's heat while Roar is active, but the proc's duration extends past Roar's?
  12. No, I was listening, watching, and chatting. I really wanted that Umbral Mod since I knew I had an Octavia baking in the foundry. And yes, I did all that.
  13. No, you're absolutely right. I didn't know to do that. I didn't know there was a progress meter. Before with Drops 1.0 I just watched and got the drop. Yeah, I'll try that once I can't work things out with DE. I already have that ticket going.
  14. Yes, sorry. I should have been clear that I was merely making conversation with that other users. You had already said you solved this by going solo.
  15. I was thinking that. Solo SP Mot and you'll sustain a 12x combo pretty much indefinitely so long as you don't heavy attack.
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