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  1. The forums logged me in as Zengur from the cache or something, that's my years old Warframe account I don't use. What I actually play as is L1GUR, so hi again, guyz. From now on I'll post as L1GUR on the Forums.
  2. Hey guys, first off, thanks for helping me and I still have 1 000 000 questions despite spending 50% of my gaming time on the Wiki... AAAAND my mobile operator disabled Strict NAT (at least last night) and I was able to join a few squad games. Hell yeah, got something like 2000 XP towards MR4 in a few hours of gaming time (also had a very successful solo round at a Fissure). For a MR10 or MR20 player this is probably nothing, but for someone who regularly gets 100-200pts of XP per mission and is still MR2 that was huge. Also a little confusing, everything from choosing missions
  3. Problem is, with the organizations router configurations UPnP or NAT-PMP are blocked. Can't do anything on the local machine to help the situation. This means I can't connect to the chat server, or see other players ingame and thus forth. .
  4. Thanks for the advice. Where do I actually find this recruit chat? I might be able to sneak some hours in on my home network next weekend without NAT hassle.
  5. Lot's of great tips, I was low on Endo at one point and sold stuff that would have been useful for new, unranked items and it bit me in the buttocks a bit but I learned my lesson. I'm trying to make sure I have a highly ranked mod and an unranked/low ranked one for at least every basic weapon mod for each type of arms (damage, elementals at least). On a completely different matter, I bought a MK1-Paris as Mastery Fodder and since I don't feel like fighting THE SPACE CRAB again today I'm trying to make some credits while upgrading my Furis MK-1 and the bow in Cobal to gain MR points and so
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