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  1. Well as long as you had fun and it is your money, there's no reason to feel cheated, right? 😉 So I've been thinking about the theoretical limits of how fast one could level, and the only way to break your record is to reach MR31 in 31 consecutive calendar days, and use Warframe Wayback to prove when you awakened. That would be a hard limit because you can only take the Mastery Rank Up Test once every 24 hours. In order to achieve that, you'd basically have to line up the acquisition and leveling of each piece of equipment. Buy all market-purchasable equipment from DE directly to avoid resource farming (buying resources from DE is incredibly expensive) and the daily trade limit, line up "sellers" for all vaulted stuff to avoid wonky market conditions. Get carried on all missions with Affinity Boosters and Blessings constantly running to maximize Affinity gain. Honestly, short of a clan effort with a bunch of folks pitching in and preparing beforehand, I don't know how one could pull that off. But then again, that would also probably violate the TOS about alt accounts not interacting with each other, so I guess it's not for me...
  2. Congrats! It is quite an achievement! Just out of pure curiosity and no judgment at all, how much plat did it cost you? And this is an alt account, is it not? I'm pretty sure I was still trying to figure out what half of the stuff meant and what each mod did a month into the game, and there's no way I could have devised any stretch of a plan to speed-level my MR.
  3. 舍杜有幾個特點會影響你可能配置的方向: 1. 它的爆擊還有狀態的機率都蠻高的,所以看你的使用目的,將任何一邊或者兩邊推高都可以。 2. 它正常攻擊是火屬性,打到東西後會再引爆變成一個半徑 6.6m 電屬性的範圍攻擊。範圍攻擊的破壞力比直接攻擊的還大,所以如果需要混合屬性的話應該以範圍攻擊的電屬性為主。但要注意的是,舍杜的範圍攻擊並不像其他的爆破性武器會穿越牆壁也不受「烈焰風暴」(以及 Prime 版) 的修正,所以... 還是需要瞄準敵人開槍。 3. 它是一把全自動 (雖然不快) 而且彈藥無限的槍,所以射擊速度也是有幫助的。 說到這裡,基本的配置大概會長這個樣子: 1. 每一把槍都逃不掉的 MOD: 「並合 膛線」 -- 也可以用普通「膛線」,但我喜歡跑快一點。 「激昂膛室」 -- 除非你不打算用舍杜殺敵人,只想要用它來疊加狀態,否則當然用「激昂膛室」而不要用「分裂膛室」。 超過 +100% 的元素傷害 -- 如果空格夠的話可以考慮放兩個 60/60 的 調配出多一種元素 (如「致命火力」+「白霜彈頭」 變成病毒元素)。不夠也不在乎狀態機率的話,可以放一個 Prime 版的純元素傷害 MOD。 2. 增加爆擊的 MOD (想用舍杜殺敵人的話): 「致命一擊」 -- 因為是全自動的槍又沒有子彈限制所以「關鍵延遲」並不划算。 「弱點感應」 -- 不用多解釋,增加爆擊倍率的 MOD 性價比都很高。 「獵者 戰備」 -- 如果想要殺鋼韌之道的 Grineer 的話可以考慮。一般星圖的話有一點浪費空間... 「重錘射擊」 -- 可以考慮。容量消耗不高,所以有空格的話是一個不錯的選擇。 「私法」系列 -- 如果有多餘空格的話可以考慮。但要投入這個系列的話最好 Warframe 上也裝幾個來提升爆擊升級的機率。 3. 增加狀態的 MOD: 「激昂才能」 -- 除非真的不打算用它殺敵人,否則「激昂才能」一定比「步槍才能」有用。 60/60 的 MOD -- 兩個恰恰好。 「重錘射擊」 -- 可以考慮。容量消耗不高,所以有空格的話是一個不錯的選擇。 4. 特殊功能槽: 「謹慎射擊」 -- 如果想近距離使用的話會有幫助。 「私法 補給」 -- 雖然主要功能是浪費的,但為了它的組合功能可能值得。 5. 其他可以考慮的 MOD: 「重口徑」 -- 其實 -55% 精準的影響並不大 (也有人說反而幫助打到更多敵人),只是已經有了「並合 膛線」的 +155% 傷害,+165% 的幫助有限。 「滅亡」系列 -- 這些的傷害加成都是分別乘上去的,所以性價比很高。只是比較專一所以...
  4. Glaive Prime is currently Vaulted, meaning there is no way to farm for its Relics. The only way to obtain Glaive Prime parts is to trade, or get very lucky (run a Void Fissure mission with someone who is cracking one of the Vaulted Relics and have it be the drop). https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Glaive_Prime
  5. 是要放最高的幣 (Zenith Granum Coin),但不是進去出來就好。在裡面至少要殺 25 隻完成第一階的挑戰。可多,不可少。 g骸是什麼?Grineer Lich?如果是的話,你需要在閃了之後的一分鐘內殺掉至少 10 隻敵人才行。一樣可多不可少。但跟 Corpus Sister 不一樣的是,殺夠了以後馬上會看到訊息並且出現幼體。如果超過了一分鐘還沒有看到訊息,那表示你殺得不夠快,請下次再挑戰。
  6. 50 Radshares, eh? That would have cost you 5000 Void Traces just for the refinement. At an average of 18 Traces per run, that would be more than 275 Void Fissure Missions just for the Void Traces. Given that Nidus Prime has only been released for 20 days, that means you've been doing, on average, more than 15 Void Fissure runs every single day? Pardon the incredulity, but perhaps double-check you numbers? If you really did complete 50 Lith N7 Radshares, then maybe stop treating Warframe like a full-time job? That's definitely the quickest way to burn out. As well, having cracked 300+ Relics, I find it hard to believe that you have not accumulated enough parts to simply sell for plat and buy Nidus Prime Chassis off the market. If you found 150 people to run Radshares with, I'm sure you can find that one seller to sell it to you.
  7. I have a setup similar to yours, OP, and from what I can tell there are 2 ways to handle things when you go on foot missions: 1. Park your Railjack at least 5,000m away from any objective, slighshot yourself in. Leave all crew member assignments as-is (1 Engineer, 2 Gunner). This is how I used to run all missions, and the Engineer never dies and never needs me to revive them. Basically, none of the Missiles / Ship Killers can reach the Railjack, and any Ramsleds are launched from so far away that your gunners have more than enough time to intercept them before they make contact. The only drawback is that you will have to fly in and out of the objective to hack, kill radiators, hack... 2. Assign one of the Gunners to Pilot around 6,000m away from your next objective, slingshot yourself in. This is riskier because your Railjack will be in range for enemy Missiles, Ship Killer Beams and Ramsleds to get you. However, it is also faster because your pilot will blow up any Radiators you expose, so as long as your Engineer does not start bleeding out, you can just stay on the objective. The only catch is that you really need to keep your eyes on your Engineer's Health (and your ears open for their cries for help). If they are bleeding out, it means that you have been boarded and your Engineer has been overwhelmed. Recall back to kill all the boarders, revive your Engineer, and then you can go back to the objective. As long as my Engineer is alive, I simply do not care about hull breaches because I know they will fix it with time to spare. Good luck, and have fun!
  8. Well, I never tried changing the button binding -- always used MMB -- but AFAIK mechanically this test is very similar to the Deimos vault mission where you have to coat the infested with an infusion before killing them. It is also very similar to parts of the Exploiter Orb fight. Do you have trouble throwing canisters in those game modes? If so, I think @BiancaRoughfin's advice might be the right one and it may just be a mechanical / input device problem.
  9. Given how the current modding system works, it is often very easy to assign the same instance of a mod to multiple pieces of equipment / loadouts. This in and of itself is no problem at all, but it becomes a problem when we wish to Rank up the mod via Fusion and exceed the capacity of other pieces of equipment. Currently when this happens, it will: A. Pop up a dialog for each equipment-loadout that has this mod equipped and will have its capacity exceeded. B. Only give us an option to either halt the Fusing process, or unequip the mod from that equipment-loadout. As certain mods tend to be popular and players accumulate massive amounts of equipment, the 2 steps above can often show up a dozen times or more, greatly slowing down the process. As such, I would like to suggest the following QoL changes: 1. Compile a list of all equipment-loadouts that will have their Capacities exceeded and show them all at once. Allow the player to choose to either halt the process or remove them from every single equipment-loadout listed. 2. For mods that the player has multiple copies of (same mod, same rank), just replace the others with another in the pile. For example, say I had an unranked Adaptation assigned to loadouts 10 different loadouts. I also have 2 more copies of the same unranked Adaptation so it shows up as 3 in the Mod station. When I try to Fuse Adaptation to Rank 4 it will exceed the capacity of 5 loadouts. Instead of showing these individually and asking me if they should be removed, just give me a warning that the 5 loadouts will be assigned another instance of Rank 0 Adaptation, and will not benefit from the Rank increase. Ideally, also show the equipment-loadouts that will get to keep the mod instance and benefit from the increase.
  10. Well, that part about recasting (and consolidating) Operator voices during the Devstream got me thinking. Clearly I have no more information than any one else so all of this is speculation, but... Could the Operator grow up as part of the New War storyline? So the recast/consolidation is necessary to provide adult voices? And since we know Duviri is about a grown up Operator losing all void powers, that would be a segue into the void open world which will be the next big release. As well, this got me thinking: given all the weirdness around Erra that other players have noticed in the previews, could Erra actually be controlled by the Man in the Wall? So perhaps the "real enemy" is the void entity all along, and after we defeat the Sentient threat in the New War, we go after the puppet master pulling the strings? Again, all of this is speculation, but I believe they are possible twists that can lead us to the Duviri Paradox next...
  11. This. I have a few BPs in my foundry as well, though I haven't done Ghoul Bounties in ages.
  12. Sure, why not? I have two crew members with Gunnery 5 who are normally assigned to Turrets, and I reassign one to Pilot when I go out to take care of objectives. IMO, with my setup Piloting isn't nearly as important because it's just a minor speed boost. But depending on how you plan to use this crewmate, YMMV.
  13. Well math and stats aren't easy, and at least you tried to work it out. Give yourself some credit! If you are interested in how probabilities or statistical tests are calculated, let me know and I can share some resources.
  14. 你有打過最低階,殺至少 25 隻嗎?還有,幼體並不是從 Granum Void 回來以後馬上會出現。你有繼續把做任務做完嗎?我一般都跑到冥王星的 Hydra,每一次都有出現。 最後,要找幼體的話還是一個人打比較好 -- 因為無論幾個人都只會出一隻,多人玩的效率不好。
  15. Of course I know you know. I was using your post to help @bad4youLT figure out the word breaks. 😂
  16. Not sure if this is a trap or a challenge, but... See this post for which 2 words make up the weapon name: There is this English site called "Urban Dictionary" that defines slang terms. Go and look up the 2nd word. The first word sounds like another word which you can probably find if you search for the 2nd word on certain... "Specialty video sites". Good luck! 😉
  17. So basically, you spawned 34 Sisters, but only got 1 Ephemera? Given that the chance for an ephemera spawn is always 20%, the odds of someone running 34 Sisters and only getting 1 is: 0.8^34 * 0.2 * 34 = 0.34%. In other words, about 3.4 players per 1000 will experience something similar to what you experienced. Is it "normal"? No. Does it mean there's something wrong with the code? Probably not unless a ton of other people also chime in. So I know it sucks, but it's probably just a bout of bad luck. Ah well, RNGesus giveth, RNGesus taketh away...
  18. I'm not sure how you got that result, but it doesn't have to be that difficult if all you wanted was "The odds of not getting a single Lith N7 in 24 runs". Also, OP did not get a single Lith I1 either, so they only got 6/8 possible relics. Looking at the drop table on the Hepit's wiki page, each of the 8 relics have a 12.5% chance of dropping. So in any given run, the odds of not getting a Lith N7 is exactly 0.875. So getting "not Lith N7" 24 times in a row? 0.875^24 = 4%. The odds of getting neither a Lith N7 nor a Lith I1 24 times in a row? 0.75^24 = 0.1%. As well, given that OP only had 24 samples, the margin of error is: 1/sqrt(24) = +/- 20.4% tldr; So OP has experienced mildly bad luck, but nothing atrocious.
  19. The best part of this segment is how everyone reacted -- Rebecca can't stop laughing, Steve, Geoff and Scott are all chuckling, and Sheldon's got this "how am I going to explain this to the investors" look on his face while going "let's move along, let's moving along". It's moments like these that make the Devstreams authentic and worth watching.
  20. I can tell you that that number is definitely wrong. How? Because I currently have more Credits on-hand (40M) than what is displayed in that stat (27M). Perhaps I got most of my extras from Credit Booster weekends and that number only tallies up the "base" amount? Maybe that number only counts pickups and not end-of-mission rewards or vice-versa? If you really want to find out, maybe jot down what it currently reads, do a quick mission and compare the difference (it will give you a breakdown if you highlight "Credits" during the Mission Complete screen)?
  21. Having played most of the game solo until well after I cleared the Star Chart, here are a few suggestions: 1. Keep (at least) 2 sets of equipment. The first set set should be your "strongest" set. Any Warframe, Primary, Secondary and Melee that you feel you can kill the fastest with. This will be the set you rely on when pushing new Star Chart nodes and tackling harder content. The second set will be your MR leveling equipment. Put your unleveled Warframes, weapons and companions here. Create two different Loadouts so you can quickly swap between them. Eventually, you will want more as different frames and loadouts will be better against different types of missions, but this is good enough for now. As well, as you gather more Loadout slots you can have hybrid loadouts with maybe an unleveled weapon or two and slowly raise your MR with these. 2. Focus on the goals on the Left-most tab in your Star Chart. Finish Quests as they come up -- they give you good stuff. Your first big goal in the first half of the game is to open up (complete) all nodes on the Star Chart. While working this goal, your other big goal is to collect as many different mods as you can so you can create strong builds. These will all take time, so there is no need to rush. 3. Playing with others will probably make the game trivial half the time as most people just speedrun missions, which means you may not learn what you need to in order to master it. So... YMMV. That said, however, there are some pieces of content (Void Relic cracking, for example) that really only makes sense to play with others because of the amount and quality of loot you can get. I would experiment with both to see what you like/dislike. There is a ton of content in this game, so again, I would suggest taking your time with it. Come back to these forums if you get stuck or need help with anything and we will try our best to help. Good luck, and have fun!
  22. Note that this extra base mod capacity only applies to equipment with maximum rank above 30 (Paracesis, Necramechs, Kuva and Tenet weapons). Equipment that max out at rank 30 will still be limited to 30 mod capacity. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank#Other_Benefits
  23. AFAIK, everyone, even the lowest clan members, should have the permission to contribute personal resources to clan buildings and research -- that's not one of the toggle-able permissions. Have that player log out and log in again to the game, then try again. If the problem persists, then maybe try kicking them out of the clan then adding them back. If even that does not fix the problem, contact support and have them send their EE.log along with screenshots.
  24. I absolutely agree that it would be nice to see some grittier storylines in the game, and especially harder, more impactful choices tossed at the player. Yet at the same time, I wouldn't mind some levity tossed in, if only to make the final blow feel harder. Our human brains are too easily overloaded and desensitized to repeated stimulus, so pauses and switches are necessary to cleanse the palate. It's the same reason why humor and slow burn works so well in horror movies. If a horror movie were just nonstop jumpscare after jumpscare, then we would just be on-edge all of the time and get bored after 10 minutes. Good film (and game) makers know just how much of a detour is necessary to lull us into a false sense of security, yet not so much that we tune out completely. Still waiting (hoping) for that Lawnmower Ghoulsaw someday...
  25. While I like your definition, and believe your categorization can be useful in determining if something can be considered grimdark, I do not believe that is the one most people subscribe to when they are asked to define grimdark. My understanding is that the term really just traced its roots to 40k's tagline ("In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war"), and basically any work of fiction that is unrelentingly dark and somber can be considered grimdark. As an example, of the authors quoted on grimdark's Wikipedia page who have tried to define the term, only Liz Bourke even mentioned "futility", even though she was talking about "right action" being futile: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grimdark
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