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  1. Not sure if this is a trap or a challenge, but... See this post for which 2 words make up the weapon name: There is this English site called "Urban Dictionary" that defines slang terms. Go and look up the 2nd word. The first word sounds like another word which you can probably find if you search for the 2nd word on certain... "Specialty video sites". Good luck! 😉
  2. So basically, you spawned 34 Sisters, but only got 1 Ephemera? Given that the chance for an ephemera spawn is always 20%, the odds of someone running 34 Sisters and only getting 1 is: 0.8^34 * 0.2 * 34 = 0.34%. In other words, about 3.4 players per 1000 will experience something similar to what you experienced. Is it "normal"? No. Does it mean there's something wrong with the code? Probably not unless a ton of other people also chime in. So I know it sucks, but it's probably just a bout of bad luck. Ah well, RNGesus giveth, RNGesus taketh away...
  3. I'm not sure how you got that result, but it doesn't have to be that difficult if all you wanted was "The odds of not getting a single Lith N7 in 24 runs". Also, OP did not get a single Lith I1 either, so they only got 6/8 possible relics. Looking at the drop table on the Hepit's wiki page, each of the 8 relics have a 12.5% chance of dropping. So in any given run, the odds of not getting a Lith N7 is exactly 0.875. So getting "not Lith N7" 24 times in a row? 0.875^24 = 4%. The odds of getting neither a Lith N7 nor a Lith I1 24 times in a row? 0.75^24 = 0.1%. As well, given that OP only had 24 samples, the margin of error is: 1/sqrt(24) = +/- 20.4% tldr; So OP has experienced mildly bad luck, but nothing atrocious.
  4. The best part of this segment is how everyone reacted -- Rebecca can't stop laughing, Steve, Geoff and Scott are all chuckling, and Sheldon's got this "how am I going to explain this to the investors" look on his face while going "let's move along, let's moving along". It's moments like these that make the Devstreams authentic and worth watching.
  5. I can tell you that that number is definitely wrong. How? Because I currently have more Credits on-hand (40M) than what is displayed in that stat (27M). Perhaps I got most of my extras from Credit Booster weekends and that number only tallies up the "base" amount? Maybe that number only counts pickups and not end-of-mission rewards or vice-versa? If you really want to find out, maybe jot down what it currently reads, do a quick mission and compare the difference (it will give you a breakdown if you highlight "Credits" during the Mission Complete screen)?
  6. Having played most of the game solo until well after I cleared the Star Chart, here are a few suggestions: 1. Keep (at least) 2 sets of equipment. The first set set should be your "strongest" set. Any Warframe, Primary, Secondary and Melee that you feel you can kill the fastest with. This will be the set you rely on when pushing new Star Chart nodes and tackling harder content. The second set will be your MR leveling equipment. Put your unleveled Warframes, weapons and companions here. Create two different Loadouts so you can quickly swap between them. Eventually, you will want more as different frames and loadouts will be better against different types of missions, but this is good enough for now. As well, as you gather more Loadout slots you can have hybrid loadouts with maybe an unleveled weapon or two and slowly raise your MR with these. 2. Focus on the goals on the Left-most tab in your Star Chart. Finish Quests as they come up -- they give you good stuff. Your first big goal in the first half of the game is to open up (complete) all nodes on the Star Chart. While working this goal, your other big goal is to collect as many different mods as you can so you can create strong builds. These will all take time, so there is no need to rush. 3. Playing with others will probably make the game trivial half the time as most people just speedrun missions, which means you may not learn what you need to in order to master it. So... YMMV. That said, however, there are some pieces of content (Void Relic cracking, for example) that really only makes sense to play with others because of the amount and quality of loot you can get. I would experiment with both to see what you like/dislike. There is a ton of content in this game, so again, I would suggest taking your time with it. Come back to these forums if you get stuck or need help with anything and we will try our best to help. Good luck, and have fun!
  7. Note that this extra base mod capacity only applies to equipment with maximum rank above 30 (Paracesis, Necramechs, Kuva and Tenet weapons). Equipment that max out at rank 30 will still be limited to 30 mod capacity. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank#Other_Benefits
  8. AFAIK, everyone, even the lowest clan members, should have the permission to contribute personal resources to clan buildings and research -- that's not one of the toggle-able permissions. Have that player log out and log in again to the game, then try again. If the problem persists, then maybe try kicking them out of the clan then adding them back. If even that does not fix the problem, contact support and have them send their EE.log along with screenshots.
  9. I absolutely agree that it would be nice to see some grittier storylines in the game, and especially harder, more impactful choices tossed at the player. Yet at the same time, I wouldn't mind some levity tossed in, if only to make the final blow feel harder. Our human brains are too easily overloaded and desensitized to repeated stimulus, so pauses and switches are necessary to cleanse the palate. It's the same reason why humor and slow burn works so well in horror movies. If a horror movie were just nonstop jumpscare after jumpscare, then we would just be on-edge all of the time and get bored after 10 minutes. Good film (and game) makers know just how much of a detour is necessary to lull us into a false sense of security, yet not so much that we tune out completely. Still waiting (hoping) for that Lawnmower Ghoulsaw someday...
  10. While I like your definition, and believe your categorization can be useful in determining if something can be considered grimdark, I do not believe that is the one most people subscribe to when they are asked to define grimdark. My understanding is that the term really just traced its roots to 40k's tagline ("In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war"), and basically any work of fiction that is unrelentingly dark and somber can be considered grimdark. As an example, of the authors quoted on grimdark's Wikipedia page who have tried to define the term, only Liz Bourke even mentioned "futility", even though she was talking about "right action" being futile: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grimdark
  11. Yes. In your Arsenal, click on "Equip" and then highlight the weapon you want to check (click ONCE). You should see the bonus % on the right-side comparison panel, behind the weapon name in parenthesis.
  12. You cannot at this time. When Cross-save / Cross-play rolls out (perhaps later this year), you will be able to play the same account on both systems. But until then, you will have to either stick with PS4/5, or start a new account on PC.
  13. If you believe that, then you are not playing the same game as everyone else in this thread. Warframe is perhaps the least P2W F2P game on the market right now. Regardless of how much of a whale you are, you simply will not be able to pay you way to the end without playing. All of these "problems" can be fixed by the same solution everyone keeps giving you: go get your own Necramech. Or don't. Honestly, I don't think your attitude will get you very far in this game. Maybe you should find a more P2W-friendly game, as those seem to match your expectations a bit better.
  14. Which mission is this? I'm asking because I just unveiled a riven that required me to Solo a Survival mission with Level 30+ enemies with zero kills. So you can definitely finish a Survival mission even if you do not get any Life Support from enemies. All you need to do is roam around, break crates and use the Life Support capsules as necessary.
  15. @Tiltskilletis correct. Here's a more detailed breakdown: First Setup: Odds of 2 Slash Procs: 0.618 * (0.384 * 0.618) = 14.7% Odds of no Slash Procs: 0.382 * 0.616 + 0.382 * (0.384 * 0.382) = 29.1% Odds of exactly 1 Slash Proc: 0.618 * 0.616 + 0.618 * (0.384 * 0.382) + 0.382 * (0.384 * 0.618) = 56.2% Expected Slash Procs: 2 * 0.147 + 0.562 = 0.856 Second Setup: Odds of 2 Slash Procs: 0.491 * (0.618 * 0.491) = 14.9% Odds of no Slash Procs: 0.509 * 0.382 + 0.509 * (0.618 * 0.509) = 35.5% Odds of exactly 1 Slash Proc: 0.491 * 0.382 + 0.491 * (0.618 * 0.509) + 0.509 * (0.618 * 0.491) = 49.6% Expected Slash Procs: 2 * 0.149 + 0.496 = 0.794 Basically, the difference is nearly negligible but in the long run the first setup will definitely give you more.
  16. Knowing the Tenno are physically children? Or treating the Tenno like children? Lotus and Teshin obvious treat the Tenno like children -- as children who need to be protected and taught, respectively. But it seems like most others, whether they know the secret or not, just treat the Tenno as powerful freaks who are either to be used (hopefully mutually-beneficially) or feared. I seem to recall some taunt from a boss or two that references "abandoned by mother", but cannot seem to find it anymore (was it Alad V? Tyl Regor?). While not definitive, it would seem like these are attempts to attack the Tenno child psychologically. Would be nice to see more enemies attempt to exploit this, even though theoretically, most of the weakness has been plugged after The War Within.
  17. Okay, just tried it again solo with my half-leveled Bonewidow with only 5 mods (Repair, Vitality, Steel Fiber, Rage, Enemy Sense) and a good Mausolon. It's nowhere near the optimal setup and I didn't even play that well, but I still finished 3 Orphixes (enabling extraction) with Sentient Control at 28%. Orphix Venom is just a gear check and is not hard if you are moderately prepared. And since this is Veil Proxima, you are not being held back from any additional planets / nodes. So I would suggest, as others have before me, that you get and level your own Necramech first. Orphix Venom is design for Necramechs, so why would you expect to be able to clear the hardest Orphix Venom mission without one?
  18. Which mission is this? I've solo'd all Railjack nodes and I have my own Necramech -- they're not hard at all if you have a well-modded Voidrig and/or a well-modded Mausolon. If the 7 you've found can't even finish one round of Orphix Venom to complete the mission, then they do not have "very good necramechs".
  19. Sepfahn as a Nikana and modded correctly trivializes even Steel Path. I wasn't here before Melee 3.0 so I don't know if they were even better back then, but the Sepfahn is absolutely still up there among the best of the best. Exodia Contagion adds an incredibly powerful ranged attack to all of your Zaws, and it is definitely worth it to farm a max-leveled set from this event.
  20. With Crossplay on the horizon, is there any plan to fix the multilingual display issues? Being multilingual myself and playing in the Asia Region on the English client, I often meet players who I should be able to understand, but due to character display issues, cannot. I only see *s whenever they type non-English characters in chat, see weird pet (Hound) names like "CORR DISHKK ** ***", and even Relic names with * in them when they drop in a squad. I strongly suspect this is just a font issue, and with the influx of more players from Crossplay, I think it would be nice if we can all understand and communicate with each other.
  21. Others have already answered your question to an incredible amount to clarity, but I do want to add this additional caveat / point of consideration. If you are aiming to valence fuse a weapon to max, then remember that order matters. Suppose you had 3 Kuva weapons: A: 25%, Potato'd and Forma'd. B: 30%. C: 50%. Clearly, you should always fuse B and C into A, in order to preserve your potato and forma investment. But what order should you fuse them in? If you fused B first, then your bonus would go to 33%, and then 55%. But if you fused C first, then your bonus would go to 55%, and then 60%. So if your goal is to reach 60% and get two low bonus weapons in a row, then it might be smart to hold off on fusing until you get one with a jump in the bonus %. The element order really does not matter now since we always get to choose that.
  22. Run some easy missions first? 25 Synthesis Scanners cost 5,000 Credits instead of Standing, so you should never be unable to progress. Same with the Kinetic Siphon Traps.
  23. Did someone call for punishment on behalf of the moon...?
  24. No it is not. Check your own EE.log. I bet you will see the same Errors so please stop guessing and misleading people with misinformation. Here is a set of similar Errors in my EE.log. I run the latest version, and I have no problems launching or playing the game. OP, I would try launching the game again, give it a few minutes in case of a slow network or something. If it still does not load then file a ticket with support and send your EE.log along with it. Since they understand the log layout and contents much better, they will have a much better chance than anyone else on these forums in figuring out exactly what the problem is.
  25. Ivara - +250% Primary Damage; +5 Jump Resets Loki - +200% Secondary Critical Chance; +2 Energy Rate Atlas - +100% Ability Duration; Immune to Status Effects I think I will override the Ivara one for my Wisp (got +5 Jump Resets for Wisp last time and it's incredible). But what is +2 Energy Rate? 2 energy regen per second?
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