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  1. MqToasty's post in Are there any suggestions for build an Amp? was marked as the answer   
    Clearly this is personal opinion, but I prefer the 527 for general use.  It's basically the equivalent of a real-life M4 with the M203 attachment -- primary burst fires 3 precise, long-range shots and secondary lobs a grenade.  Boosted for Crit Chance, which benefits both fire modes.
    Now anything can work as it just depends on your playstyle, but are you sure you want a grenade launcher-type for both your primary and secondary fire modes?  You might have trouble hitting fast moving, long-range targets like the Ropalolyst.  As well, Amps aren't the strongest weapons around, so if you want high damage then you really should go for one of the +Crit. Chance Braces, xx3 or xx7.
  2. MqToasty's post in Gross Income - Geral Stats meaning? was marked as the answer   
    I can tell you that that number is definitely wrong.  How?  Because I currently have more Credits on-hand (40M) than what is displayed in that stat (27M).
    Perhaps I got most of my extras from Credit Booster weekends and that number only tallies up the "base" amount?  Maybe that number only counts pickups and not end-of-mission rewards or vice-versa?  If you really want to find out, maybe jot down what it currently reads, do a quick mission and compare the difference (it will give you a breakdown if you highlight "Credits" during the Mission Complete screen)?
  3. MqToasty's post in General melee modding for SP and sorties was marked as the answer   
    If you do not plan to tackle anything above Level 100, then my personal suggestion is to go for the high "Total Damage" number, Crit Chance and Crit Multiplier.  Toss in more Speed and Range for good measure.  Maybe Shattering Impact to soften up status-immune bosses.  Most enemies below Level 100 will not survive more than a hit or two, so you neither need to nor will be able to comfortably ramp up to max combo and benefit from the conditional Combo Multiplier mods.  I would not even use Condition Overload because you need 3 different status procs before it outperforms Primed Pressure Point, and enemies usually do not survive that long at lower levels, especially if you are not using a primer weapon.
    Is a Nikana Zaw viable?  Absolutely.  My strongest melee weapon is a Nikana Zaw modded for Crits (Sepfahn, Peye, Vargeet II Jai).  I have a pre-Steel Path config as described above, and a Steel Path config mostly loaded with conditional mods like Condition Overload, Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds and Gladiator Mods on it.  In the Upgrades screen, the Steel Path config only has 1/4 the Total Damage and 1/3 of the Crit Chance of the pre-Steel Path config.  These numbers are accurate for the first hit, but once I get to 12x and prime Steel Path enemies with some procs, I'm regularly hitting for 6-digit red crits on the Steel Path config, which is impossible for the pre-Steel Path config.
    Finally, when it comes to Arcane selection, I highly recommend a maxed Exodia Contagion (which you will be able to farm for in the event that starts in 2 days).  Once you get the hang of that arcane, you will regularly out-damage even your primary weapons at range.
  4. MqToasty's post in Engineering Intrinsic 09 - Vigilant Necramech was marked as the answer   
    Well first of all, according to the description, Vigilant Necramech only increases Health by +25% and Shields by +25%.  It does not modify Armor.  Having said that, you are correct in your presumption.  My Voidrig has 1500 base Health, so at max rank with +100% Health bonus, its Unmodded Health is 3000.  With a max rank Necramech Vitality, its modded Health is 4800.  In-mission with the Engineering Rank 9 bonus, it gains 375 Health for a total of 5175 since 25% of 1500 is 375.
  5. MqToasty's post in Is a solo clan worth it? was marked as the answer   
    Having done so myself as a new player, it's definitely doable.  But having said that, it is a lot of work, so you should be mentally prepared.  If you plan to continue down this path, I wouldn't recommend putting clan building and maintenance high on your to-do list.  Just keep it spartan, focus on the basics, and come back to it once you have more resources and/or have something you want to build towards.
    To start, I would recommend just getting the Oracle, a Reactor and the Orokin Lab for the Dragon Keys.  These will allow you to open the vaults on Deimos and gain access to the very useful Corrupted Mods.
    After that, add the Tenno Lab so you can gain access to a mountain of equipment, especially the Archwing Launcher Segment allowing you to summon your Archwing in the three open world areas.
    Then once you have enough spare Forma and other resources, build the Chem (Grineer), Energy (Corpus) and Bio (Infested) Labs to research equipment related to those factions.  Also build the Dry Dock if you want to get into Railjack space combat.  Finally, build the Ventkids' Bash Lab if you want to get access to Yareli.
    In general, do not worry too much about screwing up.  All resources will be refunded to your Dojo if destroy a room, so the only thing you lose for a building mistake is the build time.
  6. MqToasty's post in Question About Mods Category and How to Use it Properly? was marked as the answer   
    In general, if you can equip a mod on a piece of equipment, that piece of equipment will benefit from it.  The only exception I can think of right now is Firestorm/Fulmination on a non-explosive weapon.
    As for those examples you bring up, the ontology of Warframe equipment is that everything belongs to a Category and all Categories are grouped hierarchically.  Each piece of equipment can use any mod that is meant for either its Category, or any of its Super/Parent Categories, going all the way up.
    So suppose I had a (currently) Rank 25 Taxon, for example.  My Taxon is a Taxon, which is a Sentinel, which is a Robotic, which is a Companion.  So my Taxon can use all mods meant for Taxons, Sentinels, Robotics and Companions.  However, it cannot use any mods meant for Dethcube (which is another type of Sentinel), or any mods meant for MOAs (which is another type of Robotic), or any mods meant for Beasts (which is another type of Companion).
    If you wish to understand where a piece of equipment sits what what mods it can use, I highly recommend the Warframe wiki.  Here's Taxon's page, for example, and you can click on the "Sentinels" link near the top to browse up the hierarchy:
  7. MqToasty's post in Riven price was marked as the answer   
    The best I can recommend is taking a look here to get a ball-park figure:
    The Keratinos is a decent, but not top of the line weapon, so you really have to get lucky and find a buyer who really likes it and wants a riven for it.  Also, your riven's stats are just okay, so I would not expect too much for it.
  8. MqToasty's post in How do i make nekros' 4 ready? was marked as the answer   
    IIRC, Nekros' 4 summons shadows from the last 20 killed enemies.  So it is possible that you simply did not kill (enough) enemies yet.
  9. MqToasty's post in Is the Khora Neuroptics drop rate bugged? was marked as the answer   
    Well, looking at her parts' drop tables:
    ... in any given 8-round SO run at an AABC rotation, you would expect:
    15.97% chance of getting at least 1 Chassis BP
    9.09% chance of getting a Neuroptics BP
    11.28% chance of getting a Systems BP
    11.28% chance of getting a Main BP
    Now if you extract before finishing Round 6 or Round 8, then the Neuroptics BP or Systems and Main BPs drop to 0%, respectively.  So assuming you were to do Round 6 SO 17 times, the odds of not getting a single Neuroptics BP is actually (1-0.0909)^17, or roughly 20%.  So unless you actually did a LOT more and were horribly unlucky with the Chassis as well, I would say you are merely unfavored by RNGesus at this point, and not actively hated by the guy.  Yet.
  10. MqToasty's post in Why i cant update the game was marked as the answer   
    Yes, it does.  So you have an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 card.  According to this spec sheet, it supports DirectX 11, but only up to Feature Level 10.1:
    Warframe requires cards that support DirectX Feature Level 11.0+ cards, which is basically ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5500 and above:
    Here are more details:
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feature_levels_in_Direct3D#:~:text=Feature levels encapsulate hardware-specific,required on every lower level.
    tldr; You video card falls just short of the minimum requirements for this game.  Sorry.
  11. MqToasty's post in Resizing and making transparent for clan emblem was marked as the answer   
    You are trying to scale down your image to the 128x128 upload requirement, correct?  There's only so much we can help with unless you give us more details about the image you are working with, which tools you are using and what you are trying to do.  But in general, working with vector images is much better as they can be scaled losslessly; all raster images will create artifacts when scaled.  And yes, that means your uploaded image will never be completely perfect when scaled up to Warframe emblem size.
    At any rate, here's a stack exchange post has some suggestions that might help.  The only additional suggestion I would give is to crop/scale your image to 1:1 first before scaling down, as it is easier to clean up a larger image than a tiny one.
  12. MqToasty's post in How the heck do you do Peregrine Axis solo? was marked as the answer   
    Try putting in another forma and replacing Magma Chamber with Automatic Trigger.  Increases your burst DPS by 50% at 4*, which should give you much more damage output than 60% more Heat damage.
  13. MqToasty's post in Blueprints trading was marked as the answer   
    Yes, when people are talking about trading [Banshee Prime Systems], they are talking about the blueprint, not the crafted item.[
  14. MqToasty's post in Dread Crit Builds was marked as the answer   
    A few things:
    1. Unless you really enjoy taking a leisurely stroll through the missions to enjoy the view or have motion sickness issues, take Amalgam Serration instead of Serration.  That is the first mod I put on all of my non-Shotgun primaries.
    2. Neither build is ideal, because both attempt to double-up on the same things, resulting in diminished gains.  The first build tries too hard to pump Elemental Damage (with 3 elemental mods), and the second build seems single-mindedly focused on Critical Damage (Multiplier).  Also, both builds use too many non-maxed mods, diminishing their cost-effectiveness.  I can understand not maximizing max-level-10 mods because of the cost, but max-level-5 mods really should be maximized.  The one non-obvious advantage of the 2nd build is Hunter Munitions, which makes it more usable against higher-level, heavily-armored foes.
    Here's a slightly-tweaked version of the 2nd build, where you can already see a good boost to DPS:
  15. MqToasty's post in Ropalolyst help was marked as the answer   
    Not sure why no one is answering your question, but I'll help.  Looking at the values on Rolypoly's wiki page, it seems like it should have around 44k health:
    At 500 damage per hit, that's 44 hits per synovia?  The fight is also quite buggy at later stages, so I would definitely recommend coming back when you can deal much more damage.  Also remember that mission failure occurs when you wait too long between killing things, so remember to kill something right outside the boss room, and kill at least one of the subs that it summons.  It took a few tries, but I beat it solo around your MR (IIRC, with a 111 Amp and a well-modded Hek?), so it's definitely doable.
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