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  1. So, I recently got my Melee Riven Mod from Nightwave ranking. I read it, and I'm pretty sure its impossible. To sum it up accurately, "Archwing mode in Plains of Eidolon, 9 consecutive headshots on enemies without being hit with a status". I looked up tips for similar riven challenges but nothing was exactly for this challenge. Here's the problem: A. Meleeing takes me out of archwing (Might be what i need but if were sticking to what it says then it is impossible). I've seen tips like using warframe abilities to group enemies then slam attack them, but would that be (assuming there are enough
  2. Nice, what would you say's the hardest part? I can't quite decide between murmurs and relic farming (both getting the relics and getting the right mods). Like, it seems easy when i just think about it, but then i have to think about how many thralls spawn per game, how many i need, then the odds of getting the relics, then the odds of getting the right mods.
  3. Oh, neat, I thought if I left him alone he'd spread. Thanks!
  4. Was doing some mission (Don't remember which). Everything was just fine. Then, the Kuva Larvling event occurred. I, being a total noob to Kuva Liches (And not knowing the downsides and grind to get rid of one) mercy killed it. I then proceeded to find out how much trouble I got myself into. I now have to (Having never before) deal with a Kuva Lich. If I do, it'll take a very long time, just for something i was unprepared for. If I don't, they'll take over the entire system and my loot is as good as gone. Yes I am at fault for starting it without knowing, however if there were an opt-out button
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