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  1. I'm a little late to this party, but I agree with the general consensus: Hildryn is fine.

    I think a lot of people feel like she got screwed by universal shield gating because other frames can use that to shield tank with Brief Respite or Augur mods, and Hildryn can't.  It's true, that does mean Harrow, Protea, and Volt are better shield tanks than Hildryn in a lot of cases.  Hildryn is held back by her actual biggest weakness: she can't cast abilities when she is out of shield, so taking it in the face is not a good strategy for her.

    But if you can get past the expectation that big shields = tank, Hildryn is actually really great.  She's an active frame that needs to constantly be moving and Pillaging to keep her shields high, and then the reward is she is effectively unkillable, has unlimited energy, and provides really solid damage and support.

    I do have one QoL improvement I'd love to see though.  I wish her 1 and 3 didn't need to be recast every time you bounce off the shield gate.  In really hectic high DPS situations, it's not uncommon to be bouncing between zero and max shields as Pillage waves cycle.  Her 1 and 3 are pretty much unusable then, because there's no time to stop Pillaging to recast them.  It'd be nice if the effects just switched off while shields are out, then resume as normal when shields are back.

    Also her 4 is pretty weird, and I 100% understand why it is one of the most replaced abilities in the Helminth system.  I don't think it needs to be reworked though really.  In a normal build, it is still useful for emergency CC or to generate a bunch of quick energy for your friends.  In a specialized build though, you can park her in "helicopter mom" mode while you run around in operator or necramech picking off frozen enemies and picking up unlimited energy orbs.  It's kinda unique, and even if it isn't the best 4 in the game, her other abilities are strong enough that she can afford to have a quirky one like this.

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