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  1. It’s a good question. Why are you using “noob gear”? If you want to use it, go for it. But don’t get your feelings hurt when people question it. People like it when you bring “meta” things, or at least what they perceive as decent. Many people will complain if you don’t play how they expect you to, regardless of if they have told you what that is. Ignore them and move on. The only thing you need to change is getting upset if people don’t agree with you.
  2. This isn’t “Support”. My only suggestion is to try verifying the download cache.
  3. It seemed happy enough to let you Forma it. You kind of need an explanation to explain how often it happens and under what conditions.
  4. I only mention it because your “reason for edit” is “spoiler tags”. That’s why I call it an excuse, rather than the reason. It feels more like an excuse.
  5. You missed the spoiler tag on your post. Seeing as it’s giving away spoilers in the title. War is a sword built from two seperate swords. There is your “excuse”. You need a hilt because it is an independent weapon. You need two, because that’s what it’s made from.
  6. I could be wrong, but I thought they said on Stream you can slot different abilities to different loadouts. We are getting the DevWorkshop in a few days, that should tell you how it works.
  7. You do understand that mods can be used on multiple things, right? You are not wasting endo and credits on something you won’t use if you don’t like the weapon/frame. It makes it hard to suggest anything when it doesn’t appear you even know the basics. Learn how the game works, pick your favourite things and find a decent build for them. Easy.
  8. You should probably use recruit chat. Whatever you like. Anyone with decently levelled mods should be able to finish the star chart fairly easily with whatever gear they like best. Personally, I did most of my star chart with Mag Prime and Dread. But that was a long time ago.
  9. krc473


    DE has suggested that this isn’t something they will be doing in the foreseeable future. Perhaps allowing you to share progress on different devices, but not playing with them.
  10. The post looks like the top logo for verification emails I receive from them. The email should let you scroll. If it isn’t working try and log into the Support site and email them. Alternatively, use your original account.
  11. I am going to second that it is just you. I haven’t noticed any significant changes in this. There was always toxic people.
  12. I am asking you for evidence that this is actually the case. My experience is inconclusive. I am yet to play a single match where people spend all of it on any specific position. Pilots put the RJ in a convenient place and ditch it, pilots ditch at the same time. Occasionally someone stays with the ship to repair it. Most times everyone leaves it. What I want is your evidence for why you believe there is an issue at all. You have not supplied this, and you have ignored any requests for this.
  13. It is most likely your mods are the issue, not your weapons.
  14. Yes, but the owner may not be the pilot or gunner. The gear picked does impact the damage dealt. But that does not mean the gunners or pilot have any say in what it is.
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