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  1. Me having no issue with at, and it being pointless are different things. That’s why you need to explain why it is non-viable. If someone told you that, but provided no reason you should ignore them.
  2. Why do you think it is no longer viable? I am not having any issues with it.
  3. Yes, or longer. People keep sending tickets they shouldn’t about chat suspensions and it clogs the system or something. Wait seven days from when the suspension occurred. Wait another 24 hours to account for ‘you forgetting when it happened’. Then send your ticket if you are still suspended.
  4. How about we just have an alert that takes you to a random Conclave match. That seems like something fun for April Fools.
  5. Two weeks. Your suspension is normally seven days, if you ask about it before that has elapsed they say “there is nothing we can do”.
  6. You cannot. They might find this post, so what harm can a second do.
  7. It is hard to give feedback when the post makes little sense. You have posted feedback as a PC bug and tagged it for PS4. Side note: you waited eight hours, be more patient. Sometimes the people that are interested are not on in that period. If you have 100,000 missions done, but 500 - 1000 exited, will people even notice. Your completion rate is still 99%. This is just part of the game, for reasons you cannot control you will exit some missions, or fail some. This happens to everyone at one point or another. It is likely impossible to fix as it would require too much effort to manage (and would be easily a usable unless it was 100% manually done).
  8. Do you mean for a sensible person? Some people like to attempt to devalue what your riven is to get a cheaper price. To me, a ‘decent’ riven is one that is fairly average. It has some favourable stats so you could use it as is. But you also would want to reroll it to improve it. You do have to remember that some people want different stats in a riven. So it does depend on the weapon and individual to an extent. Example: I have a riven for the Attica that makes it fire once every 30-ish seconds, but has over 200% damage. I like it, because it is funny, others might hate it.
  9. I am not sure. I have been playing around solo killing Eidolons and they seem to be a bit slow. I would gather and charge a few, then AW to the Eidolon. The lures would wait patiently at the location I left, walk a bit and then teleport. This could have been as much as half the map away. Perhaps there is something with AW that messes up their teleport feature. You land and they have to ‘catch up walk’ before they realise you are too far away. It could just be that DE doesn’t want us going further than a certain round for some reason. Limiting the spawns limits how effective we can be with maintaining the efficiency. Mind you, even high end PCs seem to get some lag issues there as it is. So it is quite likely that plays some role as well.
  10. I’m afraid not. It was one of the better rated free ones. I seem to recall something about the way a PS controller works is different to Xbox, and Microsoft only wanted native support for their own product. I had a look to see if I could find a name, I couldn’t. I did find a guide on Steam that apparently works, it is old and I cannot test it. So I cannot promise you will have any luck. There does seem to be a lot of guides that may help, but as PS3 is older, they might be outdated. Link to Steam Guide. *it is a forum post, not an actual guide.
  11. Depends what you mean by big. Send some logs to DE, they might be able to look at it. Otherwise, a lot of issues are caused by Host Migrations (you make no mention of these).
  12. This is really important for ESO, fairly irrelevant for Eidolons. You get more enemies with more players. So your low enemy count is likely due to being solo. Yes, this is annoying. It has been like this for as long as I remember. The lures not immediately teleporting is probably something to do with 'is it worth it?' If you are within a short distance there is little point in them teleporting.
  13. I see you misunderstand. You do not have to be AFK to be considered AFK. Having the most damage is totally relevant. There is a system in place to prevent people from going AFK. If you died and it took more than two minutes to finish the wave, you were AFK. Nothing else matters, because that is what the AFK system says. Perhaps just being dead means it doesn't count? I do not know. Regardless, you seem to have your solution now anyway.
  14. DE has previously suggested playing other games if you are bored, it works quite well. I think a reasonable number of people do this now. Maybe log in to do Warframe events and Sorties. Then just play something else until the next content drop.
  15. You can probably just check this yourself. Does the mission say it is completed? If not, you were AFK and get nothing. Support won’t help you as this is your own fault, not theirs. If the mission is actually marked as completed and you got nothing that is a different issue. But taking 30 mins to do 20 waves means you were probably AFK’d. That means your higher level waves took too long. No, this is not a problem if you are alive.
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