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  1. There is only 8 slots for mods not counting aura ect. They don't or wouldn't fit in end game builds. If you switch the better mods for these "Quantity." mods they'll just get shredded in end game. When the current builds are already OP. Ur gonna switch out the OP stuff for a reskinned Vitality and Shields? You're acting like these gains have no downside, when in the end it's simple math. Bigger health pool and shields (Quantity)? or not worrying about either health or shields because ur damage reduction and armor is already at an endgame state.(Quality)
  2. because 90% damage reduction already makes the game easy theres no room for them in good builds becuz they dont perform aswell, The reason Adaptation is quality damage reduction. And you're trying quantity with numbers. Those numbers would instantly disappear in steel path. Because we already have the umbral fiber. (Armor)
  3. This is what happens when you make the "Illuminati." angry.
  4. All of these break the economy of rivens so no.
  5. So you make up fake rules only you know about? You quote posts out of order and context. by an hour. The difference between me and you Is I don't edit my posts an hour later. The four people that liked me saying just buy some of the mods with plat seem to understand but it's too hard for you. Good luck with that.
  6. the servers are currently being flooded with people downloading the newest 29.0 Vaulting so give it 30 minutes to an hour and try again if that doesnt work reset ur modem by unplugging it and reset ur PC after checking for any updates possible.,
  7. Get help kiddo, Your one perspective is the OP when this is a discussion having many perspectives in relation to not only log in rewards but the people talking about "Primed Chamber." After you said Everyone is only talking about log in rewards. This is where you lied to everyone and yourself. I hope you get the help you desperately need.
  8. Dont need umbral flow, umbra stretch , umbra stream line, umbra redirection , umbra fast redirection, umbra vitality. And here are the reasons. Primed Flow, Primed Continuity, Transient fortitude. Adaptation, Health Links ect. They have no room in end game builds. If they are too create new mods, it needs to be entirely new and not a reskin of what we already have.
  9. Here's a guy talking about Primed Chamber Here. https://warframe.market/items/primed_chamber Here's it being sold, notice how it's not a log in reward? Seem's like you're the problem not admitting when you're wrong. good luck with that "Liar."
  10. Not every one in this post is only referring to Log in rewards 60% of the responses are about Baro Kiteer. Maybe its time to read more then one post. But it's clear you're already emotional about anyone's perspective that you're not focusing on. Good luck with that angry boi.
  11. Most of the primed mods can be bought. And the few you can't instead of waiting 7 years. Try transmuting them. or wait another 7 years I'll let you decide buckaroo.
  12. If they had time to switch the email details its very likely and I don't see a way to recover it. games with subscriptions would be no problem in recovery for payment details/ip's ect. Can you log in at all?
  13. Well you need a coder, a code a model animation a networker ect. All those things just for a lil kick button + server down time to test it.
  14. No one called you any type of name. It's possible your account has been the stolen. Or try the search function in ur Mail.
  15. You can click my profile the DE's always be stalking me, But I don't think they'll help you they will just tell you to submit a ticket to support that doesn't have the power to help you either Lol.
  16. Then farm some plat and just buy the mods.
  17. Deth cube prime vaporize build one shots lvl 165 enemies.
  18. No because ur teammates cant shoot through it, it would become quite the troll device.
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