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  1. I noticed with Killing Floor 2 as well, there are predictable zombie enemies. At least it has gunplay and classes which complement one another, for example Demolitionist does splash damage with its explosives. My King Arthur's Gold review My major complaint is that games should not be designed so that every Tom, $&*^ and Harry can win - but that they should offer real challenge, true teamwork with voice chat, and coordination and planning. The Division 1 sort of posed that possibility but you would end up playing with whoever was available onpub matches because the g
  2. DE I severely wish you would actually listen to people on these forums. Actually read and listen and make sense of WHY the update was dissatisfying. Personally this update felt cheap, I mean how little effort is it to "just reuse mechs on the same tilesets and we'll call it a day" - no, in reality for me as a more casual player this meant grinding for a mech which didn't even have any real use until now. I got lucky through transmutation and got some gold/silver archgun mods. For #*!%s sake DE how much trouble would it be to introduce DIFFICULT boss fight events that aren't linear di
  3. I wish it would be truly endless with enemy level going up, without running everywhere to kill the resonators then get to the pearl in the clam and it's dead already.. this is mostly just a running simulator but now with an archgun. Index farming is more fun because you actually have to think. If DE is listening read a deconstruction (with video) of Killing Floor 2's class based system, that I did.
  4. Necramechs keep disappearing when the new alien thing spawns. Also can we not be teleported back to the last place the warframe was used, when we die as operator?... Yeah.. the Alien films created a lot of suspense, tension, everything the characters did mattered. Because they could easily die, they were hunted. Seems pretty cheap to rip off their art style and storyworld, and not do them the honor of adding that kind of feel to the game.
  5. Bear in mind Tencent copied Team Fortress 2 then kept insisting they made it first. If anything they probably see Warframe as a stable, slow, consistent flow of cash.
  6. Dude.. you are obviously very thoughtful and considerate, in a way that DE failed to achieve over and over again. Let me emphasize this for you: DE, a company with who knows what $$$ resources, continually failed basic game design critical thinking procedures like comparing their game to other games and seeing the outcomes that would happen when they did everything that they did. The riven dispo "adjustment" defeating the whole object of attaining that advantage because it gets nerfed using usage stats - exactly as you said. You are doing their game design for them. Why don't you start lear
  7. Your entire first argument is dispelled with looking at the market share of those kinds of cards. The first in that search result is in the 0-0.1% range. https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/SpeedTest/7917/NVIDIA-GeForce-8400-GS (scroll down a bit) It's good to be sympathetic with those with low spec hardware. The reality is that most people did upgrade within the past 4 years or when they did, they knew what a cheap graphics card looked like and how it's the best part of a good gaming pc. Steam has stats on that. And, like I stated, a PS4/Xbox One can run very large terrains. I don't think
  8. Except modern graphics cards have 8gb or so of purely graphics memory, which means the programmers can fit a ton of things in. Warframe has pretty low detail models and textures, the only thing that takes up gpu memory is the terrains - which, if you've seen huge detailed worlds on consoles, like Ghost Recon: Wildlands - they can be loaded as you fly/move around. And we're talking tons of data, all the little bushes and whatever, the pattern of the dirt splotches scribbled by the level artists (dirt/grass/rock/..). Warframe has to run on consoles, so it is tech limited by the older console
  9. Can't do other isolation vault bounties to get Sporothrix parts. It says completing a vault will unlock other vault bounties. I did 3. How can I get Sporothrix parts???
  10. The basic concept is it would function like alerts, if you are a high MR or possibly instead there could be a solo Spy test to prove your skill level, at which point you can respond to Tenno in need. Maybe they have failed their mission 3 times, getting overwhelmed with enemies or mission goals. Or maybe they're trying to complete the star chart with difficult missions like Rosalind on Uranus. There are a ton of Sortie running players like me, who either don't make any friends on WF, or don't want to go through the process of asking and being invited each time just to help clear one missi
  11. Didn't know the Wraith had its own disposition (5.5 vs 6), I found them on the wiki. That was it.
  12. I have an Ignis riven, and no other riven does this but it has around 8% less pronounced stats when on the weapon modding screen. So, the positives lose about a flat 5% from what is shown on the riven mods screen.
  13. Forgot where exactly it says this (check EULA and Terms of Service on the site), but having multiple accounts is perfectly fine as long as there is no interaction between them. Once interaction between your accounts happens, it's flagged or something. I have both a PS4 and PC account, for example.
  14. I refuse to look it up on the wiki, it should be signposted by the game, I tried to get the archwing launcher thing before but I couldn't for some reason. And that was when you lost a charge each time.
  15. 3 times today on 2 separate bounty missions. /unstick doesn't prevent it from happening again 5 seconds later. Can you not just put in some code like this: if(player height < lowest point on map - 10m) { set height again }
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