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  1. SpadedTail

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    Me and my girlfriend have been duo'ing the profit-taker in under five minutes, without CP and Sarpa. I think you guys should stop freaking out, the fight is super easy as it is.
  2. SpadedTail

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7

    >feedback is almost entirely negative >yo better rush, code and launch this asap!
  3. This is an awful idea.
  4. SpadedTail

    Warframe Builder

    Akbronco Prime has incorrect stats. Builder's base stats are 6 magazine, 215.5/35.8/107.6 IPS, 8.3 firerate. According to in-game & wiki, the correct stats are 8 magazine, 280/35/35, 5.5 firerate. Link to builder's akbronco prime page: Wiki: There's another issue: The elemental damage names are incorrect. Pathogen Rounds says "90% Poison Damage" when the correct term is "90% Toxin Damage". This is important because you can search, in-game, by the elemental names: Cold, Heat, Toxin and Electricity, while in the builder that wouldn't work, you need to search for Freeze, Fire, Poison and Electricity. Matching the game's terms would make it easier on us.
  5. They said it could take up to Dec 3rd. They're still inside the given deadline. Personally though, IDGAF if they go over the deadline. Go ahead DE, take an extra day longer. Or a week. Work at your own pace, and deliver a polished, fully functional experience. Don't rush it out because some nerds at the forums told you to.
  6. SpadedTail

    Rhino: Charge, Roar & Stomp.

    Can anybody tell me what's the point of a tank, if he can't aggro? Why should I invite a Rhino to my squad, if the odds of my squishy Nova getting shot are just about the same? I'd much rather invite a CC frame, or a support frame. Both would keep my squishy Novabutt intact. DE, please for the love of Lotus, add an Aggro pull mechanic to Iron Skin. It would make me go from "Oh, a Rhino. What a waste of a squad slot" to "Sweet, a Rhino! I can remove Redirection now!". It will give him an ability to actually fulfill his role as a tank - he will be the protector of the team. Thank you for reading ♥
  7. SpadedTail

    Hotfix 15.8.1

    You craft orokin derelict keys with them, used in the extremely valuable Vault Runs. Check the wiki for their usage. To anyone complaining about nullifiers, git gud. I regularly do T4 survivals and they never give us trouble, for we can pop their bubbles in a second or so. If you're so bad at aiming you can't hit that gigantic golden bubble, then you should reconsider playing an online shooter.
  8. SpadedTail

    Psa: Weapon Changes (Sniper Rifles & Launchers)

    1333 hours and still don't know how to use weapons that aren't overpowered, boring room-cleaners? Wow. How can you even say that the Penta and Ogris are "useless"? They're not nerfing the damage. How could they be "useless" if they're still overpowered squad-destroyers? "oh but Neon_Angel now i can't spam them indefinitely! I'll actually have to aim and aiming is hard! Goodbye Warframe!" Dude, 20 ammo max right? How much an ammo box pickup drops? TWENTY. One single box already nets you full ammo in return. Besides, with all those formas, i'm sure you can fit in at least a mutation or ammo max. Also, the game doesn't have to "compensate you" for "your wasted time". That's what you get for hopping on the bandwagon of overpowered, flavor-of-the-month (year?) weapons. It was evident from day one that the Penta was going to be nerfed, it was just a matter of time. Get other weapons. Punch-through Supra. A bow. Lanka with electricity only (the proc is AoE). Ignis. There are many, many other weapons in the game that you could use to kill an entire squad, and i'm not even mentioning AoE frames (Ember, Frosty, Nova, the list goes on and on). Quitting the game just because you have to actually pickup ammo boxes now is a bit of a far stretch.
  9. SpadedTail

    Psa: Weapon Changes (Sniper Rifles & Launchers)

    Torid will need one helluva damage buff to justify that ammo nerf. It was always underpowered, then it stopped being affected by Firestorm, and now this. Why repeatedly nerf a weapon that was never good? Buff it up, give it a chance. They already went through the work of giving it an unique model, may as well make it strong so we can enjoy it in late game.
  10. Every "sell-out" tried the same. The problem is that PWE, owning their company, will dictate what they should do and should not. They'll say, "Stop with the tilesets. Let's make an overpowered Nova Prime and put her inside a lockbox" and either our dear devs obey silently, or they're fired. PWE will own them.
  11. Of course, because you have to have an Economics degree to recognize PR talk. Sure.
  12. Exactly what he said. (Except for the ex-boyfriend account part.) I have purchased platinum regularly (even bought warframes from the market, when i could craft them) because i wanted to support the company and their amazing developers. I always loved the relationship between the players and the devs, and the mutual respect. But times have changed. I will never spend a penny in this game again if PWE touches this game. In fact, as soon as they confirm the deal and its details, i'll uninstall to never come back.
  13. I oppose what was said before. Go in the devstream and make an absolute shi7storm out of this. I want to see that twitch chat box on FIRE! They're still negotiating, probably. If we make PWE see that we'll stop giving them money if they take over DE, they may back off. I'm sorry, Rebecca. I really like you, but if setting the devstream on fire means a chance of escaping PWE's grasp, so be it.