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  1. Just go in criosleep and wait till DE firgue out that Valkyr need rework for YEARS yet they ignore her like they did with Vauban
  2. Shh. Don't let them nerf it. Heavy calliber have little to no effect on fulmin
  3. Nope. Get rid of three rivens to get acsess to new ones
  4. Yet DE keep on ignoring her, giving rework for Wukong
  5. Another pack of good ideas for our dead and disrespected Valk...too bad DE will keep ignoring her...
  6. Yea, but that don't stop me. I set my ping limit to 150 and have no problem with finding a squad...most of the time
  7. That means it's not really DE's problem/fault. You can just filter squads with ping you desire
  8. Hell if I know. I play on RU servers
  9. They're supposed to have their own client and servers, no?
  10. Ahem. The only problem Mesa have - her first ability. Outside of that she's a solid frame. Yea, no. Before Update 13 killed her(melee 2.0) Hysteria was duration based. After hysteria rework and before the nerfs - yea...she was op. But I never was a fan of god mode.
  11. You forgot to mention god mode - too many drawbacks mixed with short ranged exalted weapon that have no way to close gap without augment
  12. Operator could do that faster Operator mode with AOE heal arcane = cheats) Mate, I play her since she was avaible for farm. I know everythnig about her. Just press 2 -> rip and tear -> repeat step 2. 3 other abilitys left to bite the dust. Other frames do her job better and have more intresting gameplay. But they ignore her for years and no matter how I ask, how many forum posts I make - they ignore her, while people claim her to be "fine as she is".
  13. What I can say? Wukong rework is really good! I like it. He's still an immortal monkey with a stick, but now he's strong, useable and can rip and tear using all 4 skills. I can't say the same about Valkyr. She's forgoten, heavly outdated and in need of a rework for years. Half of her skillset is useless, she need at least 3 augments to be useable with all 4 skill. But now nobody gonna play her - we got another frame that do everything she could, but better. God damn it, DE, when you stop ignoring Valk and gave her love she deserve...
  14. That's the point of a rework - remove god mode and make Wukong usefull overall. I hope same will go for Valkyr...sooner or later
  15. Even with that early wip rework he's better than Valkyr..
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