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  1. I guess this is some unreleased qql changes along side with promised use of mechs on normal missions
  2. Public Test Cluster Redeemer may cry + you can utilize explosions with consistant throwing and improved power throw mod, but you'll have to pressing 2 buttons instead of 1
  3. Ahem, you don't get any glaive stager on PTC or I simply was too good at using it.
  4. sigh Look at Tennocon with litch demonstration. Remember where it was killed? On the Railjack. They do what they planned and expend the Railjack fixing its 'content island' problem. Try playing solo and don't lose hope - their decision is not final
  5. I have to highly disagree here. Glaives have one fatal problem - they're on Valkyr's level of broken by Melle 3.0..which they fix with this rework. Why would you use Glaives instead of other melee or gunblade? Basicly you got portible grenade laucher with infinite ammo, remote detonation and melee attacks. You can cover the area with status, boost your secondary, suspend the enemy in air... Two new mods will be useless? I think you fail to see the bigger picture here. Adding explosion to every bounce straigh up increse our AOE for both damage and status plus said explosion won't be affected
  6. After recent texture compression update I've started to suffer from constaint fps drops on all three open worlds unless i'm looking in the sky. Haven't experienced such problem before Does anyone have same or similar issue?
  7. HAH! I knew adding 2 glaive + gun mods in relatively short time can't be a coincidence given the overall broken state of the glaves.
  8. Thats the second grave + secondary mod and both came up pretty recently. While both of them are pretty much worthless atm I do have rasing suspicion: they're preparing for Melee 3.5 and will rework glaves
  9. Это анг форум и ты ничего не сможешь купить с минусовой платкой
  10. Melee is far from the 'golden age'. No promised DT, heavy attacks are seperated from the rest of the system and feel unfinished, you still have to spam melee button instead of simple 'hold to melee', glaves are bearly useable with 2 seperate mechanics, glave dual wield isn't expanded and integrated into the system; cetrain weapon types have questinable stances. And I have to disagree with your claim. Primary and secondaries are relavent as they ever were
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