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  1. The most logical explanation: After the Second Dream Tenno's secret was revelad. We see operators roaming around Furtuna/Cetus. So we are just another tenno that have to go through the quest chain like every other tenno. How is this possible? I think Duviri Paradox might explain that.
  2. Basicly you can make your own arch with abilties you want plus it'll be balanced around Railjack
  3. When Siberia burned no one did anything to stop this sabotage. When Australia gone in flames - everyone talks about it..
  4. Well-well-well. This like a mostly solid rework. Paralysis and hysteria must be replaced with better abilities
  5. Disagree. Her entire kit is full of issues, outdated decisions and was build around stuff that does not even exist anymore. Speaking ember, her rework is good, even tho her fireball is still useless, as allways
  6. I experiencing cognitive dissonance just by watching people using hysteria. Well, on last devstream DE said that they're working on Valk's delux, so there is hope for a proper complete overhaul
  7. Yep. Aksomati prime have disposition 1.0 unlike normal aksomati. I can already see DE nerfing this gun to hell
  8. The only thing that MUST be changed with this weapon is bug fixing. Right now this weapon is simply unuseable - it can jam and become useless at any point of time during the mission and then you're stuck with your secondary and melee.
  9. I think forward artillery's damage can be increased by using stronger artillery from dojo reserch. Need to test that out
  10. I'm pretty sure it was desging that way. Seems cool to me
  11. Itzal were used because of its blink and vaccum. Now everyone have blink - thats good thing and with investments in modulars you can made your arch faster and decrese blink cooldown. Everyone use Amesha simply because its the only way to avoid getting killed every 2 seconds. And they haven't toched Titania's ult because they plan to give a full rework to archwings and their weapons.
  12. Yep. Second ship in the row and we can't farm. DE REALLY don't want us to have this weapon...
  13. And time between each cycle is....?
  14. Here's the thing: archwings and their weapons should have resived a rework with Railjack along side with modual archwing..but I guess we'll get in in phase 3
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