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  1. Valkyr. Over 6 years with no rework, no changes, only nerfs to her hysteria. Heavly outdated skills with broken mechanics, nerfed further with melee reworks
  2. Grind other planets for mods, lvl up those mods. Ask for help with getting more mods in the region chat. Don't toss away your normal warframes.
  3. Oh, this is gonna suck with my 40% energy efficency...or not.
  4. Most likely affected by mods and it supposte to use energy, while Hildryn have none of that. Let's see how DE handles that
  5. Free warframe slot for ya. Check if you got a duplicate of the new auto cannon
  6. I wanna see how helmith shield restore gonna work on her.
  7. I've switched Valkyr in favor of Hyldrin not so long ago and so far I find her underrated. With strenth/radius build and augment for her pillage she's really strong. Her balefire drains shields like crazy, but deal heavy damage. Ult can be used to grind some energy orbs for the team, while her 'haven' is okay damage ability, sets enemies on fire via burning pillage. In short, I personally think she's strong and usefull(unlike Valkyr). Augment for haven maybe? Not sure where I'd put in tho...
  8. Here's a better idea: If the energy pull falls below a certain threshold(like 15% of your max energy), slow energy regen(1-2 energy per sec) will kick in till said threshold is met or exceeded. With that approach you can't spam for free and forget about energy drain/magnetic procs. You'
  9. Speed is his signature ability + shock is pretty usefull: stun couple of enemies and apply nice damage bost with augment
  10. And they took an idea to note: augments for the least used warframes during nightwave season will be integrated into the abilties, also creating new augments I really hope Valkyr will get some love. Meanwhile If Trinity's donation power will be link, I think I can do some really intresting things with it.
  11. Maybe you should rename the topic into 'people's reactions and delutical expectation from Heminth Chrysalis system'. So far I see no real problem with the system. Thats the problem with reworks - old frames like Valkyr spend years wating for changes, yet they aren't coming because people still use her and DE has other things to do.
  12. Void damage is by far the worst damage type in the game. Useless status effect, heavily resisted by Grineer and Infested, 100% damage aganst everything else meaning its bad. Unless Void damage gets an overhaul Xaku will have some big problems
  13. Это анг. форум А по теме: основа для крафта Войны падает с Теневого Сталкера
  14. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
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