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  1. Just checking, do we have any estimate (or hard number) on when the Intermission goes live? Regarding feedback, this has a few cool rewards. Good move.
  2. I haven't made any trades since the update went live, but when I tried trading earlier today, it said I had 0 trades left (I should have all of them left). I have 2FA enable (even got the Fae Step Ephemera yesterday)
  3. In another thread, you complain about: I find it oddly amusing how you can be so salty about both "lowbies" and "curbstompers" simultaneously.
  4. WTB [Catchmoon] Riven Must have +Damage, +120% (or more) Multishot and -Slash/-Puncture/-Zoom. PM with offers, thanks
  5. I don't see why you'd even ask, this is excellent and should have been implemented already. These kind of restrictions just hinder gameplay like Stamina did back in the day. Good change.
  6. WTB Grinlok Riven Must have: +Multishot, +Critical Chance, +Damage/Critical Damage/Toxin and -Impact. PM here on in-game, cheers
  7. Anyone having trouble to update the game?
  8. Wow, thanks for the quick Fetch fix! Way to go
  9. From my experience playing in public squads, very few players even stop to think about their loadout when joining a bounty. Usually they just go straight ahead with Level 8 Rhino and Level 14 Karak and float around on K-Drives while enemies capture cases.
  10. Thanks for the Hotfix! Hopefully Fetch fix comes tomorrow
  11. As far as I know, they said that Vaulted items wouldn't be permanently gone from the drop tables. I don't think they ever meant Prime Vault to be a temporary mechanic, but I could certainly be wrong.
  12. First of all, thank you very much for your work with this Update, it's really, really awesome. Thanks also for the fixes, especially the Fetch mod fix.
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