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  1. ~edit~ got what i was looking for, can't seem to delete post.
  2. add me to this list, still unable to swap polarities on my only moa pet
  3. experiencing a performance issue since roughly wednesday/thursday 18/19th october where i get a framerate stuttering effect it starts out unnoticeable, but starts becoming very apparent that something's wrong the longer i go without rebooting windows. i have indeed contacted support and not really been helped by any of their suggestions and this issue has only begun since the update of that week. the only change in my system since then has been that i upgraded my OS drive from a sata SSD to an intel 660p 512gb M.2 SSD. No Other program is affected by this issue, no fps stutter in WoW, Diablo 3, Ark: survival Evolved, Fortnite, Guild wars 2, Just warframe. this has persisted through 4 full reinstalls of warframe, including full deletion of my .cfg files and learning that if i delete my cache i literally delete warframe... and have to fully re-download the game. my isp must be very confused right now as to why the sudden massive download spike as i wound up reinstalling warframe 3 times in one 24 hour period trying to figure out how to fix this issue. recording software is absolutely capable of capturing the issue and has negligible effect on peformance doing so. i have posted a video on youtube at 1080p/60fps to show what i am experiencing. it persists through gameplay, and menus and if it gets bad enough it starts affecting control inputs. my system specs are as follows~ Ryzen 1600x (OC@ 4ghz on 360mm AiO cooler) OS drive Intel 660p 512gb M.2 SSD GTX 980Ti Classified from evga 32gb ddr4 @2666mhz MSI G24C Monitors (144hz/1080p/24in) Warframe is installed to the OS drive in the default Steam Folders. i have tried running it both through steam and through the standalone launcher, the issue persists in both versions. support has been both slow and unhelpful so far.
  4. Awaiting fix for Mesa being incapable of targeting Kuva Guardians with Peacemaker when she is NOT the host.
  5. i am glad it's seeing a rework, but i really just want primed mods and functional weapons out of login rewards period. weapon skins, armor, sigils, by all means go nuts, but even letting people pick which one they want of the bunch that exist... unless you log in every single day of every year beginning almost 3 years ago, you're never gonna get everything, maybe as a login reward, get special access for a full day to a specific "ancestry" trader that lets you buy any number of them for ducats like the void trader, or just finally introduce the tenno weapons as research, too. but the sourest point for me is that even someone like me with 4800 hours in the game, who's logged in almost every day.. i'm still over a month behind and a lot of people are going to miss out through no fault of their own due to real life obligations, technical difficulties or heck even ISP maintenance at times, that's not a disloyalty to warframe, that's life getting in the way of a system that seems good on paper but punishes players with time-walled access to mods and equipment for not logging in to the game every single day of the year, and i'm sorry but that kind of login milestone... it encourages people to play until they burn out on this game, then punishes them for getting burned out. maybe milestones should be affected by account age, not cumulative logins. that's the problem i see. but even then new players get shunted, so no matter how you look at it as long as there's weapons and mods tied to login rewards, we have a problem.
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