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  1. @BiancaRoughfinI renamed the frame to Muto. Hope it's to your liking...unless I've run into another slur I don't know about.
  2. ...Ah. I see. Had no idea. Well, I dunno what else to call it here. I was just looking to make a Gozu-Tenno Warframe.
  3. Really? What exactly does "Gozu" mean in your country? I don't even know myself tbh. Just curious. Also, I may wanna give a head's up here: the inspiration is of Gozu-Tenno, a Shinto god of healing and disease, hence the little pun of Gozu-Tenno at the end. But I can still change it if you still want to. I'm open for suggestions.
  4. Warframe Concept: Muto, the Protector (Based on the deity Gozu-Tenno) Description: His body one with many a sickness, Muto protects his allies and hinders his enemies. Stats: Health: 125 (375 Max) Shields: 100 (300 Max) Armor: 150 Health: 125 (187 Max) Speed: 1.3 Abilities: Passive: Gain immunity to Viral damage. Every 10 seconds, you generate a stack of Sickness, which can accumulate to a maximum of 50 stacks. This can be hastened by gaining Viral stat procs, which can also be absorbed from nearby allies by walking past them. For every 10 stacks you possess, your weapons deal an additional 20% Viral damage. Upon death, you lose all stacks of Sickness, leaving behind a large cloud that inflicts Viral damage on all foes within 12m and lasts for 6 seconds. Ofuda (Helminth): Muto tosses a small, void-infused slip of paper that travels quickly and plants itself upon any surface. If striking an enemy, that enemy will be temporarily frozen in place, much like Harrow’s Condemn. Place more than one ofuda on a surface, and you will create a “Warding Field” that only you and your allies can enter safely. This Warding Field also prevents enemies from entering it. 25 Energy per cast. Damage Type: N/A Augment Mod: Sacred Talismen: Striking an ally with Ofuda slowly heals them over time. Lifespan: 5/8/10/13 seconds (Resets when a Warding Field is generated.) Yasaka: Summons 8 magatama stones that orbit Muto for 5/8/10/13 seconds. The magatama stones collide with nearby foes, dealing Impact damage. Everyone within 16m, including you, has reduced stat proc time and gains bonus crit damage for every stat proc cleansed while inside. 50 Energy Damage Type: Impact Lifespan: 5/8/10/13 seconds Hiromine: A two-stage ability that absorbs nearby stat procs of both enemies and allies alike within 4m/8m/12m/16m and converts it into a ball of void energy that gets stronger the more unique stat procs you’ve absorbed. Use the first time for absorption. Use the second time to launch the ball. 50 Energy Damage Type: Varies per ball. Tsushima: Transforms the environment around himself into an island-like area of effect. While inside, Muto and allies will gain increased attack power for each stat proc they suffer from for 15/20/30/45 seconds, refreshing every time they re-enter Tsushima. Meanwhile, enemies will temporarily gain a doubled maximum for stat procs. Killing enemies while inside Tsushima heals Muto and allies for a set amount of health based on their current status procs. [10 * Current Stat Procs] is the formula. 150 Energy Damage Type: N/A Lifespan: 15/20/30/45 Augment Mod: Island of Battle: Turns Tsushima into a channeled ability that Muto must sustain by killing enemies inside. Every kill bolsters its lifetime by 1/2/3/4/5 seconds. Tsushima lasts for 15 seconds regardless of Tsushima’s level. How to attain Muto: Muto is obtained by facing Void Phantoms, ghost-like enemies that show up in Dark Sector missions. They function similarly to Capture targets, requiring you to reduce their health to 0 before "exorcising" them. Upon being exorcised, the Void Phantom will drop blueprints for Muto parts. "A master of the spiritual arts, he has descended to grant aid to the mortal world. This is Muto, the Protector, the Heavenly King. If there are any spirits that give you trouble, you'll find none better suited for the task than Muto, Tenno."
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