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  1. Venexis

    4/15/2014 Connectivity Issues

    What I am more curious about, apparently Rebecca is now ranked as overlord on the forums :D I could have sworn it used to say something different.
  2. Venexis

    April 11Th: Community Hot Topics!

    I feel like the system is still flawed however you do it, as they still are exposed to rushing exploits. The concern only factors in a solo tenno rushing, but I am going to say "Inb4 4manlokirushtowersquads". A coordinated squad (which is more than likely given the team based nature of the solar rails) can just get a team of 4 lokis equipped with power duration and a max rush mod and just storm through missions. I myself do it in a number of missions in the void. There may be other effective strategies, but I don't think anything else will be more effective at destroying a solar rail than a team of lokis rushing through a mission while enemies can't even retaliate. Heck, even minus the invisibility duration, they are still significantly faster than every other frame out there. It feels like the possibility of 4 Loki in a coordinated group was massively overlooked.
  3. Venexis

    Hotfix 13.0.2

    As much as I love this hotfix, I must ask about the increased drop rates on the Beacons, because I have done the boss twice now, and whilst farming the beacons, I've never have a prosecutor NOT drop a beacon.
  4. Venexis

    Over 16 Million Missions Complete!

    Out of curiosity, you wouldn't happen to have a number on the amount of Kril kills would you? Or any of the bosses for that matter :D Id be curious to see how many times those buggers have been re-cloned and sent back out there.