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  1. I said newer, not new :). I am at 128th login right now, with MR27 and missing about 8 or 9 missions to complete the SP star chart... so, why shouldn't I play SP? As I said I don't have a problem to play those missions but I would like to try out different Frames and different builds too. Isn't that what this game is all about? Trying out different builds and different frames? Most of the "old" players didn't have that problem, since at the time they were at lower logins there was no content with higher spawn rate and harder mobs where PSF really made a difference. I don't need to u
  2. Thanks for your feedback :). I get your point - and to be honest I didn't find a perfect way for it yet. Sure lowering it down would already help. A mate even jokingly said to lock it behind Steel Path Gantulyst (should be level 9999 I think) ^^. But those are arguments I can work with - even though they probably won't change it anyway. regards :).
  3. Well if you read the whole thread - and when I read your comments I don't think you did - then you should be able to see that a lot more people than "me" think it would be a QOL improvement to not use Login rewards as a barrier for this mod. And while I can't say for myself how it would improve my QOL in the game - since I don't have the mod - I trust the people in my clan / friendlist enough to believe them when they tell me how it is a QOL improvement for them - they don't have a reason to lie anyway. With your "take everything as it is and never even try to use your brain and ask for i
  4. I made a topic about a problem that newer players have and asked about ways to improve the game for that group of people. If it will get a rework? - Probably not. Does it hurt to make a suggestion? - nope And towards your hopelessly misplaced analogy towards "life" (It's a game....) let me try to use this for an example: You work in a 4 Story building in the top most floor. There is only a coffee maschine on ground level. Your point would now be "well there are still ways to get my coffee, it's not perfect but - that's life". I have no problem with people that have thi
  5. That's the kind of constructive Feedback that I wanted [/Sarcasm]. :) Jokes aside - as I already wrote in my first post - I know about the tools and abilities that can circumvent knockdown like with Nezha or with Titania, or playing stealth Frame etc.pp My point was not that it isn't possible for me to do the content I want to do without PSF but that I'm limited in the builds/frames I want to use to ENJOY the game in different ways by a hurdle that is called Login rewards. I can also put shooting-gallery with muzzle flash on my Saryn (already did in one loadout) and Enemies are blinded
  6. #2405587 Affinity orbs spawning behind closed/spawn doors on Deimos Terrorem
  7. Well at 30-40 min Terrorem Survival on Steel Path, nearly every second/third enemy on the map is a lasher, plus a lot of Eximus units. I can stay alive there but its no fun. That's why I do it mostly with Octavia nowadays since I don't have a problem there. But it's frustrating when I try to use my Saryn or Wukong for a spin to spice things up. @Slayer-.: I understand your point with goals, but using "Login" is not really a way to make it harder to get. If you use it as a 5% Chance on Steel Path Ropalolyst or something like that it would be much more of a goal and more of a chal
  8. Thank you for your Feedback. I know there are Frames and/or abilities that give immunity to knockdown but it all comes down to the same result - being forced to play in a way you don't like to. And to be honest, having to use Spellbind instead of for example War Cry/Breach surge/Ensnare/Shooting Gallery on my Wukong/Saryn etc. is rather... hurtful. As I said I would have no problem to invest into a hard grind or something like that to get that thing, but just being told "wait for a year" is disappointing :(.
  9. Hi, I would like to adress some ... "annoyance" I experience on a daily basis which is called "Knockdown /Stagger". Most if not all of you know about this , but since I just came out of a Horror-Movie called SP Deimos Survival with my Saryn I thought I try my luck. Please make Prime Surefooted available / farmable one way or another. Either from VoidTraider or another Method. I already use Handspring, but after 30min + Every Frame I use which has no Status-immunity its more of a slap and slide game and in no way fun anymore. I'm 90% done with SP Starchart and would still have to w
  10. The Vacuum Robots seem to be the only enemies that can detect and attack every stealth frame I only saw this on SteelPath Ropalolyst (not sure if its a bug) where it killed my ivara (and Tenno) in stealth mode directly. - that's why my theory on them being the secret agents of the sentinents PS: Obviously a fun post, if it's the wrong forum for it I'm sorry
  11. I only do Hour long survivals for focus/Steel essences, but even there its annoying because of the differences in Life support drops. For example today: was on 100% for nearly 20 minutes and then had a "shutdown" for nearly 8 minutes that dropped me to near zero and had to run between my support towers to survive... afterwards drops went on like normal. Would curse if that happens in long time endurance runs.
  12. Now they nerfed the "aquisition" into the ground.. Did the 30min Kuva Survival on SP today and got 1 (ONE) whooping Acolyte. Even before the weekly SP rewards were hardly worth the work to farm SP Essences when you got 12 Acolytes/hour in Survival except the Umbra forma and the Kuva pack. But with those droprates? Who wants to farm SP for 10 hours just for a riven? You can get them faster by doing a quick sortie or just spend some riven slivers once a week.
  13. It's in normal missions too, Just did Steelpath incursion on Kuva Fortress... 4 minutes to finish mission, 9 minutes to find my way out of that map...
  14. Thanks for the Suggestions so far! Will definetely try out the OnePunchMan and Xaku next then Hildryn afterwards (though her weakness against infested/toxin is harsh). I know there are "specialists" far almost anything, but I somehow still have the RPG stereotype in my head to pick a favourite^^. Regards!
  15. Hi, I'm nearing my 100 days and since I started playing Steel Path im "stuped" for the Question which frame I should choose as Main (and possibly invest one of my only 2 Umbra Forma in). I know that there is no best frame for everything, and I won't ask to do every mission type with it efficiently, but for my "daily" activities I am looking for something. Prior to Steel Path I was a Fan of Titania (ok, it was my first Prime frame, maybe thats why) but now she is a bit lackluster. I hope for builds/frames I maybe not thought of yet. What I do most of the time: - abt. 30-60 min s
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