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  1. Even though it maybe isn't solved in the most fun way --> Octavia kills with skills in first place :D
  2. Hi, First of all, I really loved the gameplay demo of Sevagoth, it looks like a really fun Warframe to play with! So please make sure the skills are scaling properly. I know the game isn't balanced around Steel Path, but it is the closest thing to Endgame there is and we already got enough Frames that get reduced to "use Armor Strip or CC" and then just hack on with Melee as soon as Enemy level exceeds a certain limit. It would be really fun to have another frame that could finally use his abilitys to kill Enemys in highlvl content again. While Lavos sure is able to kill enemys wit
  3. I already said DE probably won't change anything (I think I already posted it 3 or 4 times in this thread, seems some people are really unable to read whole posts) . Asking if it could be changed is legitimate though, right? And to the alternative ways to mitigate knockdown: Already wrote (I think 3 or 4 times as well...), already doing that right now - still suboptimal I implore you to show me the post I said I am not using them? Please. Or should I post screenshot of how I have Handspring equipped on Frames?
  4. It's really hard to argue with people that change facts and words how they wish to give credit to their point. - I not once in this whole thread said I want it for free for everyone. I asked for a different kind of challange than pressing the login button once per day for 270 more times. To stay in our analogy I asked if it was possible that newer inhabitants can get their pavilion in another way than waiting till they lived there for 10 years. And also asked for suggestions what kind of contribution others think would be adequate for the perk of "having a pavillion". I also have no pr
  5. Nonsensical comparison - First I never asked for ONLY ME getting PSF, so it would be more accurate to ask for everyone to win the lottery - Second, implementing PSF in another way would not hurt DE, but giving out winning numbers (that aren't even known to them btw) would hurt the lottery commission financially. If you want a RL comparison it's more of a "I want to errect a pavillion in my Garden" kind of thing. All your neighbours already got one, but when you ask for permission they say "nah, I lived here for 10 years before I got a pavillion, you only live here for 2 years, so you h
  6. As I already stated - I know DE will probably not change anything because of this thread. But that is true for most of the threads here. And I know of alternatives to do the content I want - I can clear the rooms with octavia, or also with Nezha with ensnare/larva + Glaive (or almost any Frame with ensnare/larva + glaive) but it get's repetitive and boring doing the same thing with the same frames and I would love to mix it up. I also have to say - I am not good enough yet to play several hour long endurance runs against level 4000 or something like that solely with shieldgating and
  7. I said newer, not new :). I am at 128th login right now, with MR27 and missing about 8 or 9 missions to complete the SP star chart... so, why shouldn't I play SP? As I said I don't have a problem to play those missions but I would like to try out different Frames and different builds too. Isn't that what this game is all about? Trying out different builds and different frames? Most of the "old" players didn't have that problem, since at the time they were at lower logins there was no content with higher spawn rate and harder mobs where PSF really made a difference. I don't need to u
  8. Hi, I would like to adress some ... "annoyance" I experience on a daily basis which is called "Knockdown /Stagger". Most if not all of you know about this , but since I just came out of a Horror-Movie called SP Deimos Survival with my Saryn I thought I try my luck. Please make Prime Surefooted available / farmable one way or another. Either from VoidTraider or another Method. I already use Handspring, but after 30min + Every Frame I use which has no Status-immunity its more of a slap and slide game and in no way fun anymore. I'm 90% done with SP Starchart and would still have to w
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