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  1. You got it 100%, i wanna be able to say im in a Sortie survival so im going to be a while without having to type it out while others cover me etc or while i'm in a relic run, or that i want them to invite me to their dojo while im busy with something and ill accept in a hot second.... Something short, sweet and simple
  2. Yep that's why i just disregarded it in this case, i want to still get the messages but have an auto reply
  3. So in another thread i saw people suggest a /afk option in game where you can /afk "response" with DE responding saying that it's a decent idea and should be added Fast forward 2 years from that post and from what i can see there is no info on it- Was this scrapped or was this turned into an auto AFK message that cannot be changed. I'd really like the ability to set an auto reply but i'm not smart enough to set up an AHK macro at the push of a button (like there is for POE) and the /afk doesn't exist. Thoughts?
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