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  1. 1. Haven’t been able to complete a profit taker mission because it crashes. 2. all bounties for me, doesn’t matter.... I just had it crashes three times in two hours doing the protect the innocent familial debt bond one. I can’t do more then one in a row I have to hurry up and go in to fortuna to try and save my rewards or I’ll lose everything. So frustrating when you’ve been playing for a while and lose everything. Maybe a save feature so when the game crashes and we load back up we can still keep our rewards? 3. Have had it crash in the elevator, when the doors open upon stepping out,
  2. 100000% same for me. It’s crashed three times in two hours for me. I’m forced to complete one bounty, IF I EVEN CAN without the game crashing, then hurry up and go back to fortuna so I can save my rewards then head back out. Because if I do two bounties back to back it’s gonna crash. Happens waaaaay too much to not be addressed and fixed. I’m seeing way too many old comments on this. Like it hasn’t been fixed still. At least put some save feature in so we can save our progress so when we load back up we keep our rewards. Pleeeease I hate this. edit: just recognized something last nig
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