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  1. Any predictions for when converted lich crew can occupy other roles? Actually, now that I think about it, im guessing when corpus liches come? Whens that gonna be? Idk if I can make it or not but ill try!
  2. Any predictions for when command 10 and/or lich crew members being able to do other roles than defender? Also, liches should be able to stuff invaders in hull breaches to seal them, and into the archwing slingshot and shoot them like ordnance.
  3. Me and Doomnougat takin down jackal, not edited. Sorry for low quality, this was on switch.
  4. Corpus outpost tileset, that mars one, and probably others are glitched (for me, at least). several ground features, such as grass on Corpus outposts, and rocks on mars, just don't show up. only sometimes though. Its traumatizing seeing the ground on venus just ice or stone with nothing to break up the repeated textures. For the Corpus outpost tiles, i've seen it in the extraction tile where you have to go through a vent, and then glide to a platform over a long distance. Please fix this, for my own sanity and many others as well. Started during call of the tempestarii.
  5. Anyone know how to take a screen video on switch? Every time I try to record using the screenshot button it says "unable to capture a video". Is there a workaround or something, or can i just not enter
  6. Maybe check your region settings? My friend bought their switch in china and they couldn't see chats until they fixed it from the settings.
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