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    Coming Soon: Devstream #22

    Are there plans to further differentiate Prime Warframes from their non-Prime counterparts? Aside from just polarity and energy in the void. Any plans to rework drop tables on defense? As it stands, it's a little slap in the face to go to wave 30 plus (or 100 as someone else posted) and get an uncommon 5. Maybe make drops cumulative?
  2. (PS4)DaFool

    Warframe Builder

    So I was building my Sobek and noticed that when I add Hell's Chamber, it shows 120% multishot, versus in the game UI it creates a damage number instead. Is it possible to replicate that?
  3. (PS4)DaFool

    Warframe Builder

    Great work - this is fantastic. Question - can we remove a mod once we equip it? I'd like the option to just completely remove a mod, not replace it with another mod.
  4. (PS4)DaFool

    Warframe Builder

    Fantastic work! I second adding the stats to the build.