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  1. When killed (or Ivara Pickpocketed) the Mergoo animals drop Kuaka Spinal Claw as a resource. Seems to be a bug since mergoo are not kuaka. Bug likely present in other platforms
  2. On any K-drive created or purchased that includes the 'Twin Kavats' Jet, Custom colorization is reverted to default on that part upon use. Images as links because forum does not accept Gyazo screenshots as a media from URL As Modified : https://gyazo.com/70fd9ae4b446930a3af43581b748638e As Reverted to default upon exiting menu : https://gyazo.com/df0dd5faa7c07703430e5bda10cd567a
  3. Instead of constantly re-balancing Rivens, why not take the time to fix the underlying problem of the base weaponry being unbalanced? There are far too often times when a weapon is 'not usable' without a Riven, or where having a specificly rolled riven turns an item into a god-killer. Rivens are the antithesis of proper game balance, a bandage slapped over a wound. The augment mods that change how a weapon acts are one thing, but rivens have severely unbalanced the game
  4. If moa animations are part specific or able to be selected, a short tapdancing idle would go great with the tophat and bowtie
  5. Standard sortie as only operators, that actually sounds like a challenge. https://gyazo.com/4a79a961d60d97115e31d68d4ac2d5b7
  6. With the growth of Warframe over the years, upcoming Melee 3.0 changes to all melee mods, and talk about rebuilding the impact/Puncture/Slash damage system, are there any plans to go back and re-balance the original mods, such as the original +IPS and +status mods.
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