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  1. With the eventual upcomming release of Melee 3.0, will there be; 1.) A rebalancing pass on melee weapons similar to the one done for primary and secondary. 2.) A review of older Impact/Puncture/Slash and status mods to address the woefully underwhelming effect of some earlier released mods. Melee Prowess 15% status chance vs any of the 60%element 60%status mods, or Primary/shotgun/secondary mods that deal +30% I-P-S (Rupture, Disruptor, Shredder. etc) 3.)Related to #2, Will there be any alteration to how + Impact/Puncture/Slash mods are calculated to make physical damage mods worth using, since they are calculated differently then elemental damages
  2. Instead of constantly re-balancing Rivens, why not take the time to fix the underlying problem of the base weaponry being unbalanced? There are far too often times when a weapon is 'not usable' without a Riven, or where having a specificly rolled riven turns an item into a god-killer. Rivens are the antithesis of proper game balance, a bandage slapped over a wound. The augment mods that change how a weapon acts are one thing, but rivens have severely unbalanced the game
  3. If moa animations are part specific or able to be selected, a short tapdancing idle would go great with the tophat and bowtie
  4. Standard sortie as only operators, that actually sounds like a challenge. https://gyazo.com/4a79a961d60d97115e31d68d4ac2d5b7
  5. With the growth of Warframe over the years, upcoming Melee 3.0 changes to all melee mods, and talk about rebuilding the impact/Puncture/Slash damage system, are there any plans to go back and re-balance the original mods, such as the original +IPS and +status mods.
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