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  1. Ooh! Even though they must have had the wings done before this thread to be able to show it off this coming dev stream, I'm still going to pretend DE listened to us. We did it!
  2. I like resting wings, where the pointy bits are taller than the head, not flared out as much as the star days wings. Like when the Gargoyles are standing around from that 90s cartoon.
  3. We have those sweet feathered wings from the Star Days event, and it would be great to get bat wings ephemera for the Halloween event. I think they'd be very fancy and stylish on some frames, and more fashion frame options are never a bad thing. (And why can't we buy relic packs with arbitration points?)
  4. TYPE: In Game DESCRIPTION: Nightwave doesn't show cred offerings screen. VISUAL: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/s8n-juice/video/140315240 REPRODUCTION: Just log in on xbox and look at your Nightwave screen that you have to hit right stick to see. EXPECTED RESULT: I should be able to see the screen to spend my nightwave monies, especially since it is going away in a week. OBSERVED RESULT: Nothing on the screen. REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime.
  5. I also can't unbind my Zenurik nodes, but I haven't tried any other school.
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