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  1. This issue was fixed in the new update, I activated the Orokin Theme and the texts are now visible. Thanks!
  2. Yes, I also noticed that. I think this theme can look good as I thought it would, it just needs these small fixes.
  3. I purchased the Orokin Theme for the UI today. When I went to the star chart menu, I noticed there are some texts with white font in a white background, making it almost impossible to read. An example is the following screenshot from the Invasion menu. You can't see the reward pay. An easy fix would be to always make the text color black when there is a white background.
  4. Hi, I'm not sure if someone has suggest this yet, but now playing with Octavia Prime I thought about the possibility of an option that randomly loads any song from your mandachord for each mission. So if you're playing a sortie, for example, the party could hear different songs you have instead of the same beat. This option would also end the need to access the mandachord in your arsenal constantly to load a different song. If you have 5 songs, it would be nice to just join the mission knowing any of your songs will be loaded randomly. Cheers.
  5. Bump. Also happened multiple times with me with any Warframe since I started using Itzal. Don't know if it's related. The scoreboard showing the drones killed keeps working as if the bounty was still on, but the bounty has already failed after arriving at the location. EDIT: I just tested the bounty with the Elytron and it also failed as the same stage began.
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