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  1. Being able to kill your own Thralls makes total sense, so that you can get new thralls or different ones, but teammates will always just kill all your thralls because they assume it's an enemy, despite the minimap showing otherwise. Revenant thralls need to be able to be damaged by you but NOT by teammates, especially because of how few people play rev in the first place, nobody knows what a thrall is or how it works, making them immune to your teammate's attacks would be massively helpful
  2. so i play on ps4 and my brother plays on xbox one, and we both wanted to get the color palette. we both go to Market > Featured > Popular and see all the halloween/dotd stuff, color palette is there for me, not there for him, and it’s the only thing missing. look in color palettes via the arsenal, same deal. Market>Equipment>Color Palettes, it’s under classic for me, not for him. any help or fix would be appreciated
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